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Disclaimer and Intellectual Property

The information contained within Wildpro has been derived from many different sources. The majority of the information is presented as stated in the references without substantial editorial revision. Where management protocols and regimens are described, the user should understand that the medicines/protocols may not be licensed/recommended for a particular species in the country of use. The user must exercise proper regard for the legislation and guidelines produced by their relevant governing bodies. It is incumbent on the user to provide sound professional judgment when utilizing these data and if indicated to consult the references listed.

The Wildpro project cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data and accepts no responsibility for the application of the information contained within.

The copyright for the supporting documentation and the images is retained by the original authors / illustrators / photographers / publishers. If you wish to duplicate / use this material please either

HOWEVER - Please feel free to link to Wildpro and to download data from pages in the main system for private use, scientific and educational purposes. We would appreciate your courtesy in acknowledging the Wildlife Information Network and Wildpro if you use the system for data or as a reference source.

Debra Bourne (Chief Editor) December 2013

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