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Mammal Husbandry & Management Disease Investigation & Management
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This "Bears: Health and Management" Wildpro volume has been funded by:

With support from:

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Debra C Bourne (WIN) and Gracia Vila-Garcia (WIN)

The purpose of this volume is:

  • To provide a dedicated volume of in-depth information on the Bears (not including the Giant Panda), in order to improve the welfare of these species 
  • Note: The giant panda, Ailurpoda melanoleuca has special requirements; information for this species is NOT included within this Wildpro volume. 

Many thanks to all those who have assisted with the development of this volume, including:

NOTE: Wildpro is a multi-volume encyclopaedia. Reference lists (Books, Journals etc.) and individual reference pages (e.g. J1 Journal of Wildlife Diseases) list ALL the references which have been added to the Wildpro Encyclopaedia to date, NOT just the references for a single volume.

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