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~ Cranes: Health and Management ~

Table of Contents


Bird Husbandry & Management

Reintroduction &
Conservation Translocation

  Disease Investigation & Management
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This "Cranes: Health and Management" Wildpro volume has been funded and supported by:


Debra C Bourne (WIN - Twycross Zoo - East Midland Zoological Society)

The purpose of this volume is:

  • to provide a dedicated volume of in-depth information on the 15 species of cranes, in order to improve the management, health care, breeding and conservation of these species.
  • Our peer-reviewers [list to be added]
  • All the photographers. Pictures were provided by Michelle Barrows/Jeanne Marie Pitmann (Wattled Crane Recovery Program / Johannesburg Zoo), Rob Belterman, Debra Bourne, Rebecca Dellinger, Barry Hartup (ICF), Nigel Jarrett (WWT), Tori Kaldenberg-Spinoso, Julie Meldrum (WWT) Michelle O'Brien (WWT), Murali Pai (ICF), Gillian Smitherman.
  • All those who kindly gave permission for their documents to be added to the Wildpro Electronic Library specifically for this volume.
  • Thank you to International Crane Foundation (ICF) for the range maps.

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