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Organisations working with Elephants


This Organisations & Websites Directory has been developed by the Wildlife Information Network (WIN) to give the Wildpro user a guide to the statutory organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGO's), charities and other organisations which may prove useful contacts pertaining to Elephants (particularly regarding diseases and treatment). The information within the directory has been taken directly from the organisations’ own Websites or has been kindly provided by the organisation. Each entry contains information on the organisation’s aims and work to enable the Wildpro user to make an informed decision as to the appropriate contact with their query. Contact details include, where available, direct links to the Websites of the individual organisations.

WIN has taken every effort to ensure that the information is correct at the time of publication but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data. Inclusion in this directory does not imply that WIN takes any responsibility for, or endorses the actions of, these organisations.

This Organisations & Websites Directory is a living document and the authors welcome new contributing organisations, entry revisions and updated information in the future. 

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Elephant Organisations

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General Zoological and Conservation Organisations

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Veterinary, Wildlife Pathology, Disease


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Education, Research and Information Resource

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