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~ Foot-and-Mouth Disease ~
(with special reference to the UK 2001 and 2007 Outbreaks)

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v3.2 (2007): Debra C Bourne (WIN)

Editors of v3.0, 2001: Suzanne I Boardman (WIN) and Debra C Bourne (WIN)

This volume was originally produced at short notice due to the urgent need for information in the United Kingdom and worldwide in 2001, and was updated in 2007 in response to the 2007 outbreak in the UK. It provides information on the investigation, epidemiology and control of Foot and Mouth Disease.

We wish to thank all those who provided information at short notice and who originally encouraged us to undertake this task in Spring 2001. We particularly wish to thank the farmers and vets who shared their experiences and needs for information, together with the scientists and epidemiologists who have advised on the factual content regarding species susceptibility, risk factors and control measures, including vaccination.

Special mention and thanks are given to Dr Tim Doel (Merial Animal Health Ltd), Dr Paul Sutmöller, Professor The Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior, Dr F J Dein (National Wildlife Health Center), Dr Scott Wright (National Wildlife Health Center), Dr Willem Schaftenaar (Rotterdam Zoo), Mr David Mallender (Great North Eastern Railway), Mrs Mary Talbot-Rosevear (The Federation of the Zoological Gardens of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Dr Pat Klein (Humane Society of the United States) and Miss Mary Brancker CBE.

Documents in the Electronic Library have been provided with the kind permission of the copyright holders, including via the Click-Use Licence for Crown Copyright material. Our thanks to all those whose publications are reproduced here, including Defra, Institute for Animal Health, Nature Publishing Group, The Mammal Society, Mirrorpix, the National Audit Office, National Wildlife Health Center (USGS), Office International des Epizooties, The Royal Society and The Veterinary Record (British Veterinary Association).

Please note: The information in the CD-ROM Volume "Foot-and-Mouth Disease" v3.2 was current on the date of printing (October 2007). The on-line Wildpro Website version may be updated as new information becomes available and should always be taken as the definitive version if reference is made to Wildpro data.


"Wildpro: Foot-and-Mouth Disease v3.2" was funded by Wildlife Information Network
with support from
British Airways Assisting Conservation, First Great Western, Marsh Christian Trust, The Royal Veterinary College and Twycross Zoo - East Midland Zoological Society

"Wildpro: Foot-and-Mouth Disease v3.0" was funded jointly by the
Wildlife Information Network & Merial Animal Health Ltd
with support from
Great North Eastern Railway & National Wildlife Health Center (USGS, USA)
Assistance in distribution was provided by the
The Veterinary Record.



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