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Rabbits and their relatives belong to the scientific group Lagomorphs (order Lagomorpha). This term is used to refer to the rabbit, hare and pika species collectively. The order Lagomorpha contains two families: the Leporidae (rabbits and hares) and the Ochotonidae (pikas). This differentiation is of relevance because there may be differences between families in their biology, management, diseases and drug responses.


1) There have been considerable changes in accepted taxonomy of lagomorphs, including splitting off some species which had previously been recognised only as subspecies, and changes in recognised subspecies. Mammal Species of the World Third Edition (B607 - published 2005) has been used as the acknowledged reference for up-to-date taxonomy. However, the major references used for biological and behavioural information, published earlier, often assigned species somewhat differently. Every effort has been made to assign information from the earlier references to the correct species, where this could be determined.

2) Where specific information on a species, particularly a recently-accepted species, is sparse, we have included general information for higher taxa (genus level or above). We recommend that this information is used WITH CAUTION, as information, especially behavioural data, may not be applicable to the particular species. Additionally, for recently-accepted species we suggest looking at the information provided on the previous conspecific page.

Leporidae - Rabbits and Hares (Family)


Bunolagus Caprolagus

Lepus - (Genus) - Hares and jackrabbits

Nesolagus Oryctolagus - (Genus)

Pentalagus - (Genus)

Poelagus - (Genus)

Pronolagus - (Genus)

Romerolagus - (Genus)

Sylvilagus - (Genus) - Cottontail rabbits

Ochotonidae - Pikas (Family)

Ochotona - (Genus) spp. - Pikas

Lagomorphs found in different Geographical Regions

Africa Region

Eurasia Region

Australasia Region

Central America Region

North America Region

South America Region
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