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~ Wildlife: Oil Spill Response ~
(with special reference to the River Thames, London, UK)

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River Thames
& Habitats

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Debra C Bourne (WIN) and Suzanne I Boardman (WIN)


This volume, specifically designed to support those responding to an oil spill on the River Thames, has been sponsored by the Corporation of London's
Bridge House Trust

We particularly wish to thank:
NOTE: The information in this volume is intended as a resource to assist anyone planning for, or undertaking, oiled wildlife response, in particular on the River Thames in London, UK, to provide the best possible response. However, it is NOT a substitute for proper, hands-on training in oiled wildlife rescue, cleaning and rehabilitation. While every attempt has been made to include the most up-to-date, effective, procedures, it is important to remember that practical knowledge of oiled wildlife rehabilitation is constantly being developed and improved, using lessons learned in previous spills. 

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