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Frogs, Toads

Includes animals within the families:
Bufonidae, Ranidae


  • Common European toad - Bufo bufo (Summary) Common toad. (Image)
  • Natterjack toad - Bufo calamita (Summary). (Image)


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Includes animals within the families:
  • Northern crested newt - Triturus cristatus (Summary) Warty newt, Great crested newt. (Image)
  • Palmate newt - Triturus helveticus (Summary) Triton palmatus, Triton palmé (French), Fadenmolch. (Image)
  • Smooth newt - Triturus vulgaris (Summary) Common newt, Spotted newt, Eft, Evet, Teichmolch, Triturus vulgaris vulgaris, Molge vulgaris, Triton vulgaris. (Image)

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