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Game Birds

Includes animals within the families:


  • Common pheasant - Phasianus colchicus Pheasant (UK), Fazant (Holland), Fasain de Colchide (France), Fasan (Germany & Switzerland), Fagiano comune (Italy), Faisán vulgar (Spain), Ring-necked Pheasant (N. America), Phasianus colchichus colchichus - Common pheasant, Phasianus colchichus torquatus - Ring-necked pheasant, Phasianus colchichus versicolor - Green pheasant. (Image)
  • Golden pheasant - Chrysolophus pictus (Link). (Image)


  • Grey partridge - Perdix perdix Common Partridge, Hungarian Partridge, Gray Partridge (N. America), Patrijs (Holland), Perdrix grise (France), Rebhuhn (Germany), Starna (Italy), Perdix pardilla (Spain), Rapphöna (Sweden).
  • Red-legged partridge - Alectoris rufa Rode Patrijs (Holland), Perdrix rouge (France), Rothuhn (Germany), Pernice rossa (Italy), Perdiz roja (Spain), Rödhöna (Sweden).


  • Common quail - Coturnix coturnix (Link) Coturnix coturnix coturnix - Eurasian quail, Coturnix coturnix africana - African quail Quail.


  • Black grouse - Tetrao tetrix (Link).
  • Rock ptarmigan - Lagopus mutus (Link) Ptarmigan. (Image)
  • Willow ptarmigan - Lagopus lagopus (Link) Red grouse, Lagopus lagopus lagopus - Willow ptarmigan, Lagopus lagopus scoticus - Red grouse. (Image)


  • Western capercaillie - Tetrao urogallus Capercaillie, Eurasian capercaillie, Auerhoen (Holland), Grand tétras (France), Auerhuhn (Germany), Gallo cedrone (Italy), Urogallo común (Spain), Tjäder (Sweden). (Image)

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Pigeons & Doves

Includes animals within the families:


  • Common wood-pigeon - Columba palumbus Wood Pigeon, Woodpigeon, European wood-pigeon, Houtduif (Holland), Pigeon ramier (France), Ringeltaube (Germany), Columbaccio (Italy), Paloma torcaz (Spain), Ringduva (Sweden). (Image)
  • Rock pigeon - Columba livia Rock dove, Feral pigeon, Domestic pigeon, Rotsduif (Holland), Pigeon biset (France), Felsentaube (Germany), Piccione selvatico (Italy), Paloma bravía (Spain), Klippduva (Sweden). (Image)
  • Stock pigeon - Columba oenas (Link) Stock dove.


  • Eurasian collared-dove - Streptopelia decaocto Collared-dove, Common collared-dove, Collared dove, Turkse tortel (Holland), Tourterelle turque (France), Türkentaube (Germany), Tortora dal collare orientale (Italy), Tķrtola turca (Spain), Turkduva (Sweden). (Image)
  • European turtle-dove - Streptopelia turtur (Link) Turtle dove, Turtledove.

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Birds of Prey

Includes animals within the families:
Accipitridae, Falconidae, Strigidae, Tytonidae


  • Barn owl - Tyto alba Kerkuil (Dutch), Effraie des clochers (French), Schleiereule (German), Barbagianni (Italian), Lechuza común (Spanish), Tornuggla (Swedish). (Image)
  • Little owl - Athene noctua Steenuil (Dutch), Chevęche d'Athéna (French), Steinkauz (German), Civetta (Italian), Mochuelo común (Spanish), Minervauggla (Swedish). (Image)
  • Long-eared owl - Asio otus (Summary) Ransuil (Dutch), Hibou moyen-duc (French), Waldohreule (German), Gufo comune (Italian), Búho chico (Spanish), Hornuggla (Swedish). (Image)
  • Short-eared owl - Asio flammeus (Summary) Velduil (Dutch), Hibou des marais (French), Sumpfohreule (German), Gufo di palude (Italian), Lechuza campestre (Spanish), Jorduggla (Swedish). (Image)
  • Snowy owl - Nyctea scandiaca (Link)
  • Tawny owl - Strix aluco (Summary) Bosuil (Dutch), Chouette hulotte (French), Waldkauz (German), Allocco (Italian), Cárabo común (Spanish), Kattuggla (Swedish). (Image)


  • Common kestrel - Falco tinnunculus Kestrel. Faucon crécerelle (French), Turmfalk (German), Gheppio (Italian), Cernícalo vulgar (Spanish), Tornfalk (Swedish), Torenvalk (Dutch).
  • (Image)
  • Hobby - Falco subbuteo Faucon hobereau (French), Baumfalke (German), Londolaio (Italian), Alcotán (Spanish), Lärkfalk (Swedish), Boomvalk (Dutch).
  • Merlin - Falco columbarius Faucon émerilon (French), Merlin (German), Smeriglio (Italian), Esmerejķn (Spanish), Stenfalk (Swedish), Smelleken (Dutch).
  • Peregrine falcon - Falco peregrinus Peregrine, Faucon pčlerin (French), Wanderfalke (German), Falco pellegrino (Italian), Halcķn común (Spanish), Pilgrimsfalk (Swedish), Slechtvalk (Dutch). (Image)


  • Common buzzard - Buteo buteo Buzzard, Buizard (Dutch), Buse variable (French), Mäusebussard (German), Poiana (Italian), Busardo ratonero (Spanish), Ormvråk (Swedish), Buteo buteo vulpinus (Steppe buzzard). (Image)
  • Eurasian sparrowhawk - Accipiter nisus Sparrowhawk, European sparrowhawk, Epervier d'Europe (French), Sperber (German), Sparviere (Italian), Gavilán común (Spanish), Sparvhök (Swedish), Sperwer (Dutch). (Image)
  • European honey buzzard - Pernis apivorus Honey buzzard, Bondrée apivore (French), Wespenbussard (German), Falco pecchiaiolo (Italian), Halcķn abejero (Spanish), Bivråk (Swedish), Wespendief (Dutch).
  • Northern goshawk - Accipiter gentilis Goshawk, Havik (Dutch), Autour des palombes (French), Habicht (German), Astore (Italian), Azor común (Spanish), Duvhök (Swedish).
  • Montagu's harrier - Circus pygargus Busard cendré (French), Wiesenweihe (German), Albanella minore (Italian), Aguilucho cenizo (Spanish), Ängshök (Swedish), Grauwe Kiekendief (Dutch).
  • Northern harrier - Circus cyaneus Hen harrier (Circus cyaneus cyaneus), American harrier (Circus cyaneus hudsonius), Busard Saint-Martin (French), Kornweihe (German), Albanella reale (Italian), Aguilucho pálido (Spanish), Blå kärrhök (Swedish), Blauwe Kiekendief (Dutch).
  • Red kite - Milvus milvus Rode Wouw (Dutch), Milan royal (French), Rotmilan (German), Nibbio reale (Italian), Milano real (Spanish), Glada (Swedish)
  • Rough-legged buzzard - Buteo lagopus Ruigpootbuizerd (Dutch), Buse pattue (French), Raufußbussard (German), Poiana calzata (Italian), Busardo calzado (Spanish), Fjällvråk (Swedish).
  • Western marsh harrier - Circus aeruginosus Marsh Harrier, Busard des roseaux (French), Rohrweihe (German), Falco di palude (Italian), Aguilucho lagunero (Spanish), Brun kürrhök (Swedish), Bruine Kiekendief (Dutch).



  • Osprey - Pandion haliaetus Visarend (Dutch), Balbuzard pęcheur (French), Fischadler (German), Falco pescatore (Italian), Aguila pescadora (Spanish), Fiskgjuse (Swedish).

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Includes animals within the families:


  • Common shelduck - Tadorna tadorna Northern shelduck, Red-billed shelduck, Shelduck, Sheldrake, Common sheldrake, Brandgans (German), Tadorne de Belon (French), Oca común (Spanish), Tarro blanco (Spanish), Bergeend (Dutch), Gravand (Swedish), Tadorna cornuata. (Image)
  • Common teal - Anas crecca Teal, Greenwing, Eurasian teal (Anas crecca crecca), Eurasian green-winged teal (Anas crecca crecca), Aleutian green-winged teal (Anas crecca nimia), Green-winged teal (Anas crecca carolinensis), American green-winged teal (Anas crecca carolinensis), Querquedula crecca, ,Querquedula carolinensis - Green-winged teal. (Image)
  • Eurasian wigeon - Anas penelope Wigeon, Widgeon, European wigeon, Europeon widgeon, Pfeifente (German), Canard siffleur (French), Siffleur d’Europe (French), Silbķn Europeo (Spanish), Pato Europeo (Spanish), Mareca penelope, Smiente (Dutch), Bläsand (Swedish). (Image)
  • Gadwall - Anas strepera Bronze-winged duck, Kupferspiegelente (German), Canard ā lunettes (French), Canard aux ailes bronzies (French), Anade anteojillo (Spanish). (Image)
  • Garganey - Anas querquedula Summer teal, Knäkente (German), Sarcelle d’eté (French), Cerceta carretona (Spanish),
    Cerceta (Spanish), Zomertaling (Dutch), Årta (Swedish), Querquedula querquedula, Querquedula circia
    . (Image)
  • Mallard - Anas platyrhynchos Greenhead, Green-headed mallard, Common mallard (Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos), Northern mallard, Wild Duck, Greenland mallard (Anas platyrhynchos conboschas), Mexican mallard (Anas platyrhynchos diazi), Mexican duck (Anas platyrhynchos diazi), Stockente (German), Canard colvert (French), Anade azulon (Spanish), Anade real (Spanish), Wilde Eend (Dutch), Gräsand (Swedish), Anas platyrhynchos diazi (Mexican duck) = Anas platyrhynchos diazi, Anas boscas. (Image)
  • Northern pintail - Anas acuta Pintail, Common pintail, Sprig, Spiessente (German), Spießente (German), Canard pilet (French), Pilet ordinaire (French), Anade rabudo (Spanish), Pato cola puntiaguda común (Spanish), Pijlstaart (Dutch), Stjärtand (Swedish) Dafila acuta. (Image)
  • Northern shoveler - Anas clypeata Shoveler, European shoveler, Common shoveler, Löffelente (German), Canard souchet (French), Souchet ordinaire (French), Cuchara comün (Spanish), Pato cuchara comün (Spanish), Spatula clypeata. (Image)


  • Common pochard - Aythya ferina Pochard, European pochard, Eurasian pochard, Northern pochard, Tafelente (German), Fuligule milouin (French), Milouin d’Europe (French), Porrķn europeo (Spanish), Porrķn común (Spanish), Zambullidor europeo (Spanish), Tafeleend (Dutch), Brunard (Swedish), Fuligula ferina. (Image)
  • Greater scaup - Aythya marila
  • Scaup, Bluebill, Broadbill, Bergente (German), Fuligule milouinan (French), milouinan (French), Porrķn bastardo (Spanish), Costero grande (Spanish), Aythya marila marila European greater scaup, Aythya marila mariloides Pacific greater scaup, Fuligula marila.
  • Ruddy duck - Oxyura jamaicensis Butterball, Stifftail, Schwarzkopf-Ruderente (German), Erismature rousse (French), Erismature ā joues blanches (French), Pato rojo americano (Spanish), Malvasía canela (Spanish), Oxyura jamaicensis jamaicensis North American ruddy duck, Oxyura jamaicensis andina Colombian ruddy duck. (Image)
  • Tufted duck - Aythya fuligula Tufted pochard, Reiherente (German), Fuligule morillon (French), Canard morillon (French), Porrķn moņudo (Spanish), Pato de copete (Spanish), Kuifeend (Dutch), Vigg (Swedish), Fuligula cristata. (Image)


  • Mandarin duck - Aix galericulata Mandarin, Mandarinente (German), Canard mandarin (French), Pato mandarín (Spanish), Mandarijneend (Dutch), Mandarinand (Swedish). (Image)


  • Black scoter - Melanitta nigra Common scoter, American scoter, Trauerente (German), Macreuse noire (French), Negrķn común (Spanish), Anade negro marino común (Spanish), Zwarte Zeeëend (Dutch), Sjöorre (Swedish), Melanitta nigra nigra - European black scoter, Melanitta nigra americana - Pacific black scoter, Oedemia nigra. (Image)
  • Common eider - Somateria mollissima Eider, Eider duck, Eiderente (German), Eider ā duvet (French), Eider ordinaire (French), Eider común (Spanish), Eidero comun (Spanish), Eidereend (Dutch), Ejder (Swedish), Somateria mollissima mollissima European eider, Somateria mollissima faeroeensis Faeroe eider, Somateria mollissima v-nigra Pacific eider, Somateria mollissima borealis Northern eider, Somateria mollissima sedentaria Hudson Bay eider, Somateria mollissima dresseri American eider.
  • Common merganser - Mergus merganser Goosander, American merganser, Fish duck, Sawbill, Gänsesäger (German), Harle bičvre (French), Serrata grande (Spanish), Mergánsar (Spanish), Grote Zaagbek (Dutch), Storkrake (Swedish), Mergus merganser merganser Eurasian goosander, Mergus merganser comatus Oriental goosander, Mergus merganser americanus American goosander. (Image)
  • Common goldeneye - Bucephala clangula Goldeneye, Whistler, Schellente (German), Garrot ā oeil d’or (French), Garrot ordinaire (French), Porrķn osculado (Spanish), Pato ojos común (Spanish), Brilduiker (Dutch), Knipa (Swedish), Bucephala clangula clangula European goldeneye, Bucephala clangula americana American goldeneye, Glaucionetta clangula, Clangula glaucion. (Image)
  • Long-tailed duck - Clangula hyemalis Oldsquaw, Eisente (German), Harelde boréale (French), Canard nequelon (French), Harelde de Miquelon (French), Pato havelda (Spanish), Pato de cola largo (Spanish), Havelda (Spanish), IJseend (Dutch), Alfägel (Swedish), Harelda glacialis. (Image)
  • Red-breasted merganser - Mergus serrator Fish duck, Sawbill, Mittelsäger (German), Harle huppé (French), Serrata mediana (Spanish), Mergánsar de pecho rojo (Spanish), Middleste Zaagbek (Dutch), Småskrake (Swedish). (Image)
  • Smew - Mergellus albellus Zwergsäger (German), Harle piette (French), Serrata chica (Spanish), Bech de serra petit (Spanish), Nonnetje (Dutch), Salskrake (Swedish), Mergus albellus. (Image)
  • White-winged scoter - Melanitta fusca Velvet scoter, White-winged sea coot, Hook-nosed scoter, American white-winged scoter - Melanitta fusca deglandi, Degland’s white-winged scoter - Melanitta fusca deglandi, Samtente (German), Macreuse brune (French), Macreuse ā ailes blanches (French), Negrķn especulado (Spanish), Anade marino de alas blancas (Spanish), Grote Zeeëend (Dutch), Svärta (Swedish), Melanitta deglandi - American white-winged scoter, Melanitta fusca fusca - European white-winged scoter, Melanitta fusca stejnegeri - Asiatic white-winged scoter, Melanitta fusca deglandi - Pacific white-winged scoter, Degland's white-winged scoter, American white-winged scoter, Oedemia fusca. (Image)


  • Barnacle goose - Branta leucopsis Bernaches nonnette (French), Bernache nonnette (French), Weisswangengans (German), Weißwangengans (German), Barnacla (Spanish), Barnacla cariblanca (Spanish), Brandgans (Dutch), Vitkindad gås (Swedish), Bernicla leucopsis. (Image)
  • Bean goose - Anser fabalis Sushkin's Goose, Oie des moissons (French), Saatgans (German), Kurzschnabelgans (German), Genso de las habas (Spanish), Ánsar Campestre (Spanish), Rietgans (Dutch), Sädgås (Swedish), Anser fabalis fabalis Western bean goose, Anser fabalis johanseni Johansen bean goose, Anser fabalis middendorffi Middendorf bean goose, Anser fabalis rossicus Russian bean goose, Anser fabalis serrirostris Thick-billed bean goose, Bean-goose, Anser segetum. (Image)
  • Brent goose - Branta bernicla Brant, Brant goose, Brent, Bernache cravant (French), Ringelgans (German), Barnacla carinegra (Spanish), Branta (Spanish), Rotgans (Dutch), Prutgås (Swedish), Light-bellied Brent Branta bernicla hrota, Atlantic Brent Branta bernicla hrota, Dark-bellied Brent Branta bernicla bernicla, Russian Brent Branta bernicla bernicla, Black Brent Branta bernicla nigricans, Pacific Brent Branta bernicla nigricans, (Lawrence's Brent Branta bernicla orientalis)= B. nigricans, Branta nigricans Black Brent, Bernicla brenta. (Image)
  • Canada goose - Branta canadensis Cackling Goose, Canadian Goose, Hutchin's goose, Bernache du Canada (French), Kanadagans (German), Barnacla canadiense (Spanish), Ganso del Canada (Spanish), Canadese Gans (Dutch), Kanadagås (Swedish), Atlantic Canada Goose Branta canadensis canadensis, Aleutian Canada Goose Branta canadensis leucopareia, Cackling Canada Goose Branta canadensis minima, Taverna Canada Goose Branta canadensis taverneri, Dusky Canada Goose Branta canadensis occidentalis, Vancouver Canada Goose Branta canadensis fulva, Lesser Canada Goose Branta canadensis parvipes, Moffitt Canada Goose Branta canadensis moffitti, Great Basin Canada Goose Branta canadensis moffitti, Giant Canada Goose Branta canadensismaxima, Baffin Island Canada Goose Branta canadensis hutchinsii, Richardson Canada Goose Branta canadensis hutchinsii, Hudson Bay Canada Goose Branta canadensis interior, Bering Canada Goose B .c. asiatica (Extinct) (Image)
  • Greater white-fronted goose - Anser albifrons White-fronted Goose, Whitefront, Specklebelly Goose, Oie rieuse (French), Bläßgans (German), Blässgans (German), Ansar careto (Spanish), Ganso frente blanco (Spanish), Kolgans (Dutch), Ansar careto grande (Spanish), Bläsgås (Swedish), European White-fronted Goose (A. a. albifrons), Pacific White-fronted Goose (A. a. frontalis), Gambel White-fronted Goose (A. a. gambeli), Tule White-fronted Goose (A. a. elgasi), Tule Goose (A. a. elgasi), Greenland White-fronted Goose (A. a. flavirostris). (Image)
  • Greylag goose - Anser anser Graylag Goose, Grey-lag Goose, Gray-lag Goose, Grey Lag Goose, Grey Goose, Gray Goose, Graugans (German), Oie cendrée (French), Ansar (Spanish), Ansar común (Spanish), Grauwe Gans (Dutch), Grågåns (Swedish), Western Greylag Goose (Anser anser anser), Eastern Greylag Goose (Anser anser rubrirostris), Anser cinereus. (Image)
  • Lesser white-fronted goose - Anser erythropus Oie naine (French), Zwerggans (German), Ánsar chico (Spanish), Ánsar careto chico (Spanish), Ganser frente blanca chico (Spanish), Dwerggans (Dutch), Fjällgås (Swedish). (Image)
  • Pink-footed goose - Anser brachyrhynchus Pink-footed bean Goose, Oie ā bec court (French), Kurzschnabelgans (German), Ánsar Piquicorto (Spanish), Kleine Rietgans (Dutch), Spetsbergsgås (Swedish), Anser fabalis brachyrhynchus. (Image)


  • Mute swan - Cygnus olor Cisne mudo (Spanish), Cisne Vulgar (Spanish), Cygne muet (French), Cygne tuberculé (French), Höckerschwan (German), Knobbelzwan (Dutch), Knölsvan (Swedish), Polish Swan, White Swan, Cygnus immutabilis - Polish swan. (Image)
  • Tundra swan - Cygnus columbianus Zwergschwan (German), Cygne de Bewick (French), Cisne de Bewick (Spanish), Bewick's Swan - Cygnus columbianus bewickii / Cygnus bewickii, Jankowski's Swan - Cygnus columbianus jankowskii (race/subspecies), Whistling Swan - Cygnus columbianus columbianus / Cygnus columbianus , Pfeifschwan (German), Cygne siffleur (French), Cisne silbador (Spanish), Cisne chico (Spanish), Klein Zwann (Dutch), Mindre sangsvan (Swedish), Olor bewickii, Olor columbianus. (Image)
  • Whooper swan - Cygnus cygnus Cisne cantor (Spanish), Cisne gritķn (Spanish), Cygne chanteur (French), Cygne sauvage (French), Singschwan (German), Wilde Zwaan (Dutch), Sängsvan (Swedish), Olor cygnus, Cygnus cygnus cygnus, Cygnus musicus. (Image)

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Wading Birds

Includes animals within the families:
Rallidae, Scolopacidae, Burhinidae, Charadriidae


  • Common coot - Fulica atra (Summary) European coot, Bald-headed coot, Meerkoet (Dutch), Foulque macroule (French), Blässhuhn (German), Focha común (Spanish), Sothöna (Swedish). (Image)
  • Common moorhen - Gallinula chloropus (Summary) Common gallinule, Moorhen, Waterhoen (Dutch), Poule d'eau (French), Gallinule poule-d'eau (French), Teichhuhn (German), Polla de agua (Spanish) Gallineta común (Spanish), Rörhöna (Swedish). (Image)
  • Water rail - Rallus aquaticus (Summary) Waterral (Dutch), Râle d'eau (French), Wasserralle (German), Rascķn (Spanish), Rascķn Europeo (Spanish), Vattenrall (Swedish). (Image)


  • Corn crake - Crex crex Corncrake, Kwartelkoning (Holland), Râle des genęts (France), Wachtelkönig (Germany), Ri de quaglie (Italy), Guiķn de codornices (Spani), Kornknarr (Sweden).
  • Spotted crake - Porzana porzana (Link).



  • Common ringed plover - Charadrius hiaticula (Link) Ringed plover. (Image)
  • Eurasian dotterel - Eudromias morinellus (Link) Dotterel, Charadrius morinellus. (Image)
  • Eurasian golden plover - Pluvialis apricaria Golden plover, Greater golden-plover, European golden-plover, Goudplevier (Holland), Pluvier doré (France), Goldregenpfeifer (Germany), Piviere dorato (Italy), Chorlito dorado común (Spain), Ljungpipare (Sweden). (Image)
  • Eurasian oystercatcher - Haematopus ostralegus Oystercatcher, Common oystercatcher, Pied oystercatcher, Northern pied oystercatcher, European oystercatcher, Common oystercatcher, Scholekster (Holland), Huîtrier pie (France), Austernfischer (Germany), eccaccia di mare (Italy), Ostrero común (Spain), Strandskata (Sweden). (Image)
  • Little ringed plover - Charadrius dubius (Link)
  • Grey plover - Pluvialis squatarola Zilverplevier (Holland), Pluvier argenté (France), Kiebitzregenpfiefer (Germany), Pivieressa (Italy), Chorlito gris (Spain), Kustpipare (Sweden), Black-bellied plover (North America). (Image)
  • Northern lapwing - Vanellus vanellus Lapwing, Peewit, Peewhit, Common lapwing, Kievit (Holland), Vanneau huppé (France), Kiebitz (Germany), Pavoncella (Italy), Avefría común (Spain), Tofsvipa (Sweden). (Image)
  • Pied avocet - Recurvirostra avosetta Avocet, Eurasian avocet, Kluut (Holland), Avocette élégante (France), Säbelschnäbler (Germany), Avocetta (Italy), Avoceta (Spain), Skärfläcka (Sweden). (Image)


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Gulls & Seabirds

Includes animals within the families:
Laridae, Phalacrocoracidae, Procellariidae, Sulidae


  • Common black-headed gull - Larus ridibundus (Link) Black-headed gull. (Image)
  • Great black-backed gull - Larus marinus (Link).
  • Herring gull - Larus argentatus (Link) Larus argentatus argentatus - Herring gull, Larus argentatus heuglini - Heuglin's gull, Larus argentatus vegae - Vega gull. (Image)
  • Lesser black-backed gull - Larus fuscus (Link) Larus fuscus graellsi - Dark-backed gull, Larus fuscus fuscus - Lesser black-backed gull. (Image)
  • Little gull - Larus minutus (Link).
  • Mediterranean gull - Larus melanocephalus (Link).
  • Mew gull - Larus canus (Link) Common gull. (Image)





  • European shag - Phalacocorax aristotelis (Summary) Shag, Kuifaalscholver (Dutch), Cormoron huppé (French), Krähenscharbe (German), Cormorán moņudo (Spanish), Toppskarve (Swedish). (Image)
  • Great cormorant - Phalacrocorax carbo (Summary) Common cormorant, Large cormorant, Aalscholver (Dutch), Grand Cormoran (French), Kormoran (German), Cormorán grande (Spanish), Storskarv (Swedish). (Image)


  • Northern gannet - Morus bassanus Gannet, Jan-van-Gent (Holland), Fou de Bassan (France), Baßtölpel (Germany), Sula (Italy), Alcatraz atlántico (Spain), Havssula (Sweden). (Image)


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Herons, Bitterns & Spoonbills

Includes animals within the families:
Ardeidae, Threskiornithidae
  • Eurasian spoonbill - Platalea leucorodia (Link) Spoonbill.
  • Great bittern - Botaurus stellaris Bittern, Common bittern, Roerdomp (Holland), Butor étoilé (France), Rohrdommel (Germany), Tarabuso (Italy), Avetoro común (Spain), Rördrom (Sweden).
  • Grey heron - Ardea cinerea (Summary) Heron, Blauwe Reiger (Dutch), Héron cendré (French), Fischreiher (German), Graureiher (German), Garza real (Spanish), Gråhäger (Swedish). (Image)

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Grebes & Loons

Includes animals within the families:
Podicipedidae, Gaviidae


  • Horned grebe - Podiceps auritus (Link) Slavonian grebe.
  • Great crested grebe - Podiceps cristatus (Summary) Fuut (Dutch), Grčbe huppé (French), Haubentaucher (German), Somormujo lavanco (Spanish), Skäggdopping (Swedish), Crested Grebe, Southern Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus australis). (Image)
  • Red-necked grebe - Podiceps grisegena (Link) .
  • Black-necked grebe - Podiceps nigricollis (Link).
  • Little grebe - Tachybaptus ruficollis (Summary) Dabchick, Common grebe, Red-throated grebe, Dodaars (Dutch), Grčbe castageux (French), Zwergtaucher (German), Zampullin chico (Spanish), Zampullin común (Spanish), Smådopping (Swedish).


  • Arctic loon - Gavia arctica (Link) Gavia arctica arctica - Black-throated loon, Gavia arctica viridigularis - Green-throated loon, Black-throated loon, Black-throated diver.
  • Common loon - Gavia immer Great northern diver, Great northern loon, Polar loon, Ijsduiker (Holland), Plongeon imbrin (France), Eistaucher (Germany), Strolaga maggiore (Italy), Colimbo grande (Spain), Svartnäbbad islom (Sweden).
  • Red-throated loon - Gavia stellata (Link) Red-throated diver.

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Woodpeckers, Cuckoo & Kingfisher

Includes animals within the families:
Alcedinidae, Cuculidae, Picidae


  • Eurasian green woodpecker - Picus viridis Green Woodpecker, European Green Woodpecker, Levaillant's Woodpecker - Picus viridis, Groene specht (Holland), Pic vert (France), Grünspecht (Germany), Picchio verde (Italy), Pito real (Spain), Gröngöling (Sweden), Picus viridis viridis - Eurasian green woodpecker, Picus viridis sharpei - Iberian woodpecker. (Image)
  • Eurasian wryneck - Jynx torquilla (Link) Wryneck.
  • Greater spotted woodpecker - Dendrocopus major Grote bonte specht (Holland), Pic épeiche (France), Buntspecht (Germany), Picchio rosso maggiore (Italy), Pico picapinos (Spain), Större hackspett (Sweden). (Image)
  • Lesser spotted woodpecker - Dendrocopus minor (Link).


  • Common cuckoo - Cuculus canorus Cuckoo, Eurasian Cuckoo, Grey Cuckoo, Koekoek (Holland), Coucou gris (France), Kuckuck (Germany), Cuculo (Italy), Cuco común (Spain), Gök (Sweden).


  • Common kingfisher - Alcedo atthis Kingfisher, European Kingfisher, River Kingfisher, Ijsvogel (Holland), Martin-pęcheur d'Europe (France), Eisvogel (Germany), Martin pescatore (Italy), Martín pescador (Spain), Kungsfiskare (Sweden).

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Swallows, Swifts & Nightjars

Includes animals within the families:
Apodidae, Hirundindae, Caprimulgidae,


  • Barn swallow - Hirundo rustica Swallow, Common swallow, House swallow, Rustic swallow, Boerenzwaluw (Holland), Hirondelle rustique (France), Rauchschwalbe (Germany), Rondine (Italy), Golondrina común (Spain), Ladusvala (Sweden), Hirundo rustica rustica - Eurasian swallow, Hirundo rustica erythrogaster - Barn swallow. (Image)
  • Northern house-martin - Delichon urbica House martin, Common house martin, European house martin, Huiszwalow (Holland), Hirondelle de fenętre (France), Mehlschwalbe (Germany), Balestruccio (Italy), Aviķn común (Spain), Hussvala (Sweden).
  • Sand martin - Riparia riparia Common sand martin, Gorgeted sand martin, Oeverzwalum (Holland), Hirondelle derivage (France), Uferschwalbe (Germany), Topino (Italy), Aviķn zapador (Spain), Backsvala (Sweden), Bank Swallow (North America), Riparia riparia riparia - Common sand-martin, Riparia riparia diluta - Eastern sand-martin.


  • Common swift - Apus apus Swift, Northern Swift, European Swift, Gierzwaluw (Holland), Martinet noir (France), Mauersegler (Germany), Rondone (Italy), Vencejo común (Spain), Tornseglare (Sweden).


  • Eurasian nightjar - Caprimulgus europaeus Nightjar, European nightjar, Common nightjar, Nachtzwaluw (Holland), Engoulevent d'Europe (France), Ziegenmelker (Germany), Succiacapre (Italy), Chotacabras (Spain), Nattskärra (Sweden).

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Crows & Shrikes

Includes animals within the families:
Corvidae, Laniidae


  • Black-billed magpie - Pica pica (Link) Magpie, Pica pica pica - Black-billed magpie, Pica pica mauritanica - North-African magpie.
  • Carrion crow - Corvus corone (Link) Corvus corone corone - Carrion crow, Corvus corone cornix - Hooded crow.
  • Common raven - Corvus corax (Link).
  • Eurasian jackdaw - Corvus monedula (Link) Jackdaw.
  • Eurasian jay - Garrulus glandarius (Link) Garrulus glandarius glandarius - Eurasian jay, Garrulus glandarius cervicalis - Black-crowned jay, Garrulus glandarius atricapillus - Black-capped jay, Garrulus glandarius hyrcanus - Iranian jay, Garrulus glandarius brandtii - Brandt's jay, Garrulus glandarius japonicus - Japanese jay, Garrulus glandarius bispecularis - Himalayan jay, Garrulus glandarius leucotis - White-faced jay.
  • Red-billed chough - Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax (Link) Chough.
  • Rook - Corvus frugilegus (Link).


  • Northern shrike - Lanius excubitor (Link) Lanius excubitor excubitor - Great grey shrike, Lanius excubitor meridionalis - Southern grey shrike, Lanius excubitor leucopygos - Saharan shrike.
  • Red-backed shrike - Lanius collurio (Link).

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Larks, Sparrows & Wagtails

Includes animals within the families:
Alaudidae, Passeridae



  • Eurasian tree sparrow - Passer montanus (Link) Tree sparrow.
  • Hedge accentor - Prunella modularis (Link) Prunella modularis, Dunnock.
  • House sparrow - Passer domesticus (Link) Common sparrow, Passer domesticus domesticus - House sparrow, Passer domesticus indicus - Indian sparrow. (Image)


  • Grey wagtail - Motacilla cinerea (Link).
  • White wagtail - Motacilla alba Pied wagtail, White Wagtail (Europe), Witte Kwikstaart (Holland), Bergeronnette grise (France), Bachstelze (Germany), Ballerina bianca (Italy), Lavandera blanca (Spain), Sädesärla (Sweden), Motacilla alba dukhunensis, Motacilla alba alba - White wagtail, Motacilla alba yarelli - British pied wagtail, Motacilla alba subpersonata - Moroccan wagtail, Motacilla alba personata - Masked wagtail.
  • Yellow wagtail - Motacilla flava (Link) Motacilla flava flava - Blue-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava flavissima - Yellowish-crowned wagtail, Motacilla flava cinereocapilla - Ashy-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava leucocephala - White-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava lutea - Yellow-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava feldegg - Black-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava melanogrisea - White-chinned wagtail, Motacilla flava thunbergi - Grey-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava taivana - Green-headed wagtail, Motacilla flava simillima - Siberian yellow-wagtail, Motacilla flava tschutschensis - Alaska yellow-wagtail.

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Thrushes, Flycatchers, Starling, Dipper & Wren

Includes animals within the families:
Bombycillidae, Certhiidae, Cinclidae, Sittidae, Muscicapidae, Sturnidae


  • Eurasian blackbird - Turdus merula (Link) Blackbird, Turdus merula merula - Eurasian blackbird, Turdus merula nigiri - Nilgiri blackbird. (Image)
  • Fieldfare - Turdus pilaris (Link). (Image)
  • Redwing - Turdus iliacus (Link).
  • Ring ouzel - Turdus torquatus (Link).
  • Mistle thrush - Turdus viscivorus Grote Lijster (Holland), Grive draine (France), Misteldrossel (Germany), Tordela (Italy), Zorzal charlo (Spain), Dubbeltrast (Sweden). (Image)
  • Song thrush - Turdus philomelos (Link). (Image)




  • Wood nuthatch - Sitta europea (Link) Sitta europea europea - Eurasian nuthatch, Sitta europea caesia - Southern nuthatch, Sitta europea sinensis - Oriental nuthatch.





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Tits, Goldcrests & Warblers

Includes animals within the families:
Aegithalidae, Paridae, Regulidae, Sylviidae


  • Long-tailed tit - Aegithalos caudatus (Link) Aegithalos caudatus caudatus - Long-tailed tit, Aegithalos caudatus europaeus - European tit, Aegithalos caudatus alpinus - Alpine tit. (Image)
  • Bearded parrotbill - Panurus biarmicus (Link) Bearded Tit, Bearded Reedling. (Image)
  • Coal tit - Parus ater (Link).
  • Blue tit - Parus caeruleus (Link) Parus caeruleus caeruleus - Eurasian blue-tit, Parus caeruleus teneriffae - African blue-tit. (Image)
  • Crested tit - Parus cristatus (Link).
  • Willow tit - Parus montanus (Link) Parus montanus montanus - Willow tit, Parus montanus songarus - Songar tit.
  • Great tit - Parus major (Link) Parus major major - Great tit, Parus major cinereus - Cinereous tit, Parus major minor - Japanese tit. (Image)
  • Marsh tit - Parus palustris (Link) Parus palustris palustris - Eurasian marsh-tit, Parus palustris brevirostris - Asian marsh- tit, Parus palustris hypermelaena - Black-bibbed marsh- tit.



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Includes animals within the family:


  • Brambling - Fringilla montifringilla (Link) (Image)
  • Chaffinch - Fringilla coelebs Vink (Holland), Pinson des arbres (France), Buchfink (Germany), Fringuello (Italy), Pinzķn común (Spain), Bofink (Sweden). (Image)
  • Common redpoll - Carduelis flammea (Link) Carduelis flammea flammea - Common redpoll, Carduelis flammea cabaret - Lesser redpoll, Acanthis flammea - Redpoll.
  • Eurasian bullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Link) Pyrrhula pyrrhula pyrrhula - Eurasian bullfinch, Pyrrhula pyrrhula cineracea - Baikal bullfinch, Pyrrhula pyrrhula griseiventris - Grey-bellied bullfinch, Pyrrhula pyrrhula murina - Azores bullfinch.
  • Eurasian linnet - Carduelis cannabina (Link) Acanthis cannabina - Linnet
  • European goldfinch - Carduelis carduelis (Link) Carduelis carduelis carduelis - European goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis caniceps - Grey-crowned goldfinch. (Image)
  • European greenfinch - Carduelis chloris (Link) (Image)
  • European siskin - Carduelis spinus (Link) (Image) Siskin
  • Hawfinch - Coccothraustes coccothraustes (Link)
  • Twite - Carduelis flavirostris (Link) Acanthis flavirostris - Twite.


  • Red crossbill - Loxia curvirostra (Link) Loxia curvirostra - Crossbill, Loxia curvirostra - Common Crossbill.
  • Scottish crossbill - Loxia scotica (Link)


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Includes animals within the family:

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