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Includes animals within the families:
Rhinolophidae, Vespertilionidae
  • Bechstein's bat - Myotis bechsteinii Murin de Bechstein (French), Bechsteinfledermaus (German), Murciélago de Bechstein (Spanish), Vespertilio bechsteinii, Selyusius bechsteini, Myotis bechsteini.
  • Brandt's bat - Myotis brandtii Murin de Brandt (French), Große Bartfledermaus (German), Murciélago de Brandt (Spanish), Vespertilio brandtii, Myotis brandti, Myotis mystacinus.
  • Brown long-eared bat - Plecotus auritus Common long-eared bat, Oriellard roux (French), Braunes Langohr (German), Murciélago orejudo dorado (Spanish), Vespertilio auritus, Plecotus brevimanus. (Image)
  • Daubenton's bat - Myotis daubentonii Water bat, Murin de Daubenton (French), Wasserfledermaus (German), Murciélago de ribera (Spanish), Vespertilio daubentoni, Vespertilio emarginatus, Vespertilio aedilis, Myotis daubentoni. (Image)
  • Greater horseshoe bat - Rhinolophus ferrumequinum Grand rhinolophe (French), Große Hufeisennase (German), Murciélago grande de herradura (Spanish). (Image)
  • Grey long-eared bat - Plecotus austriacus Oriellard gris (French), Graues Langohr (German), Murcielago orejudo gris (Spanish), Vespertilio auritus austriacus.
  • Large mouse-eared bat - Myotis myotis Mouse-eared bat, Vespertilio myotis, Vespertilio murinus.
  • Lesser horseshoe bat - Rhinolophus hipposideros Petit rhinolophe (French), Kleine Hufeisennase (German), Murciélago pequeño de herradura (Spanish).
  • Noctule - Nyctalus noctula Great Bat, Noctule commune (French), Abendsegler (German), Murciélago noctulo común (Spanish), Vespertilio noctula, Vespertilio magnus, Vespertilio altivolans. (Image)
  • Lesser noctule - Nyctalus leiseri Hairy-armed bat, Leisler's bat, Vespertilio leisleri.
  • Nathusius' pipistrelle - Pipistrellus nathusii Pipistrelle de Nathusius (French), Rauhhautfledermaus (German), Murciélago de Nathusius (Spanish), Vespertilio nathusii.
  • Natterer's bat - Myotis nattereri Vespertilio nattereri, Selysius nattereri. (Image)
  • Northern bat - Eptesicus nilssoni Northern serotine, Sérotine de Nilsson (France), Nordfledermaus (German), Murciélago de huerta nortello (Spain).
  • Particoloured bat - Vespertilio murinus Vespertilio discolor, Particolor bat.
  • Pipistrelle - Pipistrellus pipistrellus Vespertilio pipistrellus, Vespertilio pygmaeus. (Image)
  • Serotine - Eptesicus serotinus Vespertilio serotinus. (Image)
  • Western barbastelle - Barbastella barbastellus Barbastelle, Barbastelle d'Europe (French), Mopsfledermaus (German), Murciélago de bosque (Spanish), Vespertilio barbastellus.
  • Whiskered bat - Myotis mystacinus Murin à moustaches (French), Kleine Bartfledermaus (German), Murciélago bigotudo (Spanish), Myotis mystacina, Vespertilio mystacinus, Selysius mystacinus. (Image)

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Includes animals within the families:
Erinaceidae, Talpidae, Soricidae


  • West European hedgehog - Erinaceus europaeus Hedgehog, Hog, Western hedgehog, Eurasian hedgehog, European hedgehog, Western European hedgehog, Short-eared hedgehog, Urchin, Hedgepig, Draenog (Welsh), Graineag (Scottish Gaelic), Gráinneog (Irish Gaelic), Hérisson commun d'Europe occindentale (French), Europäischer Igel (German), Braunbrustigel (German), Westigel (German), Hérisson d'Europe (French). (Image)


  • European Mole - Talpa europaea Mole, Common Mole, Moldwarp , Want, Taupe, Famh (Scottish Gaelic), Gwadd (Welsh), Twrch daear (Welsh), Taupe d'Europe (French), Taupe commune, Maulwurf (German), Europäischer Maulwurf. (Image)


  • Eurasian common shrew - Sorex araneus Sorex vulgaris, Sorex tetragonurus , Sorex grantii, Common shrew, Common shrew, Shrew mouse, Ranny, Llygoden goch (Welsh), Chwistl (Welsh), Beathacan feior (Scottish Gaelic), Luch shith (Scottish Gaelic), Feornachan (Scottish Gaelic), Musaraigne carrelet (French), Waldspitzmaus (German). (Image)
  • Eurasian pygmy shrew - Sorex minutus Pygmy shrew, Lesser shrew, Luch féir (Irish Gaelic), Thollag-airhey (Manx). (Image)
  • Eurasian water shrew - Neomys fodiens Water shrew, Northern water shrew, European water shrew, Otter shrew, Water ranny, Labhallan (Scottish Gaelic), Sorex fodiens, Sorex aquaticus, Sorex bicolor, Amphisorex pennanti, Crossopus sowerbyi. (Image)
  • French shrew - Sorex coronatus Millet's shrew, Musaraigne couronnée (French), Musaraña de Millet (Spanish), Toporagno di Millet (Italian), Sorex fretalis, Sorex gemellus, Sorex araneus. (Image)
  • Greater white-toothed shrew - Crocidura russula Common European white-toothed shrew, House shrew, Musaraigne musette (French), Crocidure musette (French), Hausspitzmaus (German), Musaraña gris (Spanish), Crocidura rossiccia (Italian), Crocidura foucauldi. (Image)
  • Lesser white-toothed shrew - Crocidura suaveolus Scilly shrew, Garden shrew, Musaraigne des jardins (French), Gartenspitzmaus (German), Sorex suaveolens, Crocidura cassiteridum. (Image)

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Land Carnivores


Includes animals within the families:
Canidae, Felidae, Mustelidae


  • Red fox - Vulpes vulpes Fox, Silver fox, Cross fox, Renard (French), Renard roux (French), Rotfuchs (German), Vulpes fulva. (Image)


  • Eurasian badger - Meles meles Badger, Old World Badger, Brock, Brochlach (Scottish Gaelic), Broc (Irish Gaelic), Mochyn daeaar (Welsh), Broch (Welsh), Pryf penfrith (Welsh), Pryf llwyd (Welsh), Blaireau (French), Blaireau européen (French), Dachs (German), Gräving (German). (Image)


  • European otter - Lutra lutra Otter, Eurasian river otter, European river otter, Loutre commune (French), Loutre d'Europe (French), Eurasiatischer Fischotter (German), Fischotter (German). (Image)


  • Wild cat - Felis silvestris African wild cat, Wildcat, Indian desert cat, Chat sauvage (French), Grossart Altwelt-Wildkatzen (German), Wildkatze (German), Falbkatze (German), Steppenkatze (German), Cath gwyllt (Welsh), Cath y coed (Welsh), Cat-fiadhaich (Scottish Gaelic), Chat sauvage (French), Wildkatze (German), Felis lybica, Felis sylvestris, Felis silvestris silvestris, Felis silvestris libyca, Felis silvestris ornata. (Image)


  • American mink - Mustela vison Mink, Vison d'Amerique (French), Amerikanisscher Nerz (German), Vison (German). (Image)
  • Pine marten - Martes martes Martre de pines (French), Edelmarder (German), Baummarder (German). (Image)
  • Polecat - Mustela putorius European polecat, Foul marten, Fitch (name for pelt), Ffwlbart (Welsh), Putois d'Europe (French), Europäischer Iltis (German), Gemeiner Iltis (German), Waldiltis (German). (Image)
  • Stoat - Mustela erminea Ermine, Short-tailed weasel, Whittrel (Scotland), Weasel (Ireland), Hermine (French), Hermelin (German), Großwiesel (German). (Image)
  • Weasel - Mustela nivalis Common weasel, European common weasel, Least weasel, Lesser Weasel, Pygmy weasel, Kine, Whittret (Scotland), Bronwen (Wales), Belette commune (French), Mauswiesel (German), Zwergwiesel (German), Kleinwiesel (German), Mustela rixosa, Mustela minuta. (Image)

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Rabbits & Hares

Includes animals within the families:
  • Arctic hare - Lepus timidus Snow hare, Mountain hare, Blue hare, Varying hare, Lièvre changeant (French), Schneehase (German), Polarhaus (German), Maigheach-gheal (Scottish Gaelic), Giorria (Irish Gaelic), Lepus timidus scoticus (Scottish form), Lepus timidus hibernicus (Irish), Lepus timidus timidus.
  • Brown hare - Lepus europaeus Lepus europaeus, European hare, Lièvre d'Europe (French), Europäischer Feldhase (German), Feldhase (German), Sgwarnog (Welsh), Ysgyfarnog (Welsh), Gearr (Scottish Gaelic), Lepus capensis. (Image)
  • European rabbit - Oryctolagus cuniculus Old World rabbit, Rabbit, Coney, Domestic rabbit, Lapin de garenne (French), Europäisches Wildkaninchen (German), Altweltliches Kaninchen (German), Cwningen (Welsh), Coinean (Scottish Gaelic), Coinín (Irish Gaelic). (Image)

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Includes animals within the families:
Muridae, Myoxidae, Castoridae, Sciuridae


  • Bank vole - Clethrionomys glareolus Red-backed vole, Wood vole, Red vole, Campagnol roussâtre (French), Rötelmaus (German). (Image)
  • Common vole - Microtus arvalis Orkney vole - Microtus arvalis orcadensis, Orkney vole - Microtus arvalis sandayensis, Guernsey vole - Microtus arvalis sarnius, Vole-mouse, Campagnol des champs (French), Feldmaus (German). (Image)
  • European water vole - Arvicola terrestris Water rat, Water vole, Campagnol terrestre (French), Ostschermaus (German), Schermaus (German), Mus terrestris, Mus amphibius, Arvicola ater, Arvicola amphibius amphibius. (Image)
  • Field vole - Microtus agrestis Short-tailed vole, Short-tailed field mouse, Campagnol agreste (French), Erdmaus (German). (Image)


  • Hazel dormouse - Muscardinus avellanarius Common dormouse, Hazel mouse, Sleeper, Muscardin (French), Haselmaus (German). (Image)
  • Fat dormouse - Myoxus glis Edible dormouse, Squirrel-tailed dormouse, Seven-sleeper, Loir gris (French), Loir (French), Siebenschläfer (German), Sciurus glis, Glis glis. (Image)


  • Brown rat - Rattus norvegicus Norway Rat, Common Rat, Rat d'egout (French), Surmulot (French), Rat surmulot (French), Wanderratte (German). (Image)
  • Harvest mouse - Micromys minutus Dwarf mouse, Red mouse, Red ranny, Rat des moissons (French), Zwergmaus (German). (Image)
  • House mouse - Mus musculus Grey mouse, Souris domestique (French), Hausmaus (German), Westliche hausmouse (German), Mus molossinus, Mus castaneus, Mus poschiavinus. (Image)
  • Roof rat - Rattus rattus Black rat, Ship rat, House rat, Rat noir (French), Hauseratte (Genrman), Dachratte (German). (Image)
  • Wood mouse - Apodemus sylvaticus Field mouse, Long-tailed field mouse, Llygoden y maes (Welsh), Luch fheoir (Scottish Gaelic), Luch fheir (Irish Gaelic), Mulot sylvestre (French), Waldmaus (German). (Image)
  • Yellow-necked mouse - Apodemus flavicollis Mulot à collier (French), Gelbhaulsmaus (German). (Image)


  • European beaver - Castor fiber European beaver, Asiatic beaver, Castor (French), (Eurasiatischer) Biber (German), Castor europeo (Spanish), Castoro europeo (Italian), Castor albicus (France and Germany), Castor fiber galliae, Castor fiber albicus, Castor fiber fiber, Castor fiber vistulanus.


  • Eastern grey squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis Grey squirrel, American grey squirrel, Eastern gray squirrel (North America), Cat squirrel (North America), Migratory Squirrel (North America), Gray Squirrel, Ecureuil gris (French), Grauhörnchen (German). (Image)
  • Eurasian red squirrel - Sciurus vulgaris - Common squirrel, Red squirrel, Brown squirrel, Light-tailed squirrel, Feorag (Scottish Gaelic), Iora rua (Irish Gaelic), Ecureuil commun (French), (Europäisches) Eichhörnchen (German), Eichkätzchen (German). (Image)

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Includes animals within the families:
  • Grey seal - Halichoerus grypus Gray seal, Atlantic seal, Great seal, Selkie, Selchie, Ron mor (Gaelic), Morlo llwyd (Welsh), Horse head (Canada), Tête de cheval (French), Kegelrobe (German). (Image)
  • Common seal - Phoca vitulina Harbour seal, Harbor seal, Spotted seal, Sand seal, Selchie, Selkie (Northern Isles), Black seal, Morlo cyffredin (Welsh), Phoque veau marin (French), Seehund (German). (Image)

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Whales & Dolphins

Includes animals within the families:
Balaenopteridae, Delphinidae, Phocoenidae, Physeteridae



  • Killer whale - Orcinus orca (Summary) Orca, Grampus, Delphinus orca.


  • Common porpoise - Phocoena phocoena (Summary) Harbour porpoise, Delphinus phocoena, Delphinus ventricosus, Phocoena tuberculifera.



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Deer & Wild boar

Includes animals within the families:
Cervidae, Suidae


  • Chinese muntjac - Muntiacus reevesi Reeve's muntjac, Barking deer, Muntjac, Muntjac de Chine (French) Cerf aboyeur (French), Chinesischer Muntjak (German). (Image)
  • Chinese water deer - Hydropotes inermis Water-deer, Chinese water-deer, CWD, Ke (Chinese), Hydropote (French), Hydropote chinois (French), Chinesisches Wasserreh (German). (Image)
  • Fallow deer - Dama dama Cervus dama, Daim (French), Daim européen (French), Damhirsch (German), Dama dama mesopotamica Mesopotamian Fallow deer, Dama mesopotamica Mesopotamian Fallow deer. (Image)
  • Red deer - Cervus elaphus Cerf rouge (French), Rothirsch (German), Edelhirsch (German). (Image)
  • Sika deer - Cervus nippon Japanese deer, Sika, Cerf Sika (French), Sikahirsch (German). (Image)
  • Western roe deer - Capreolus capreolus Roe deer, Chevreuil (French), Cheuvreuil européen (French), Reh (German). (Image)


  • Wild boar - Sus scrofa Sanglier (French), Wildschwein (German). (Image)

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Includes animals within the families:
  • Red-necked wallaby - Macropus rufogriseus Bennett's wallaby - Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus, Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus - Bennett's wallaby, Macropus rufogriseus banksianus - Red-necked wallaby, Macropus rufogriseus fruticus - Bennett's wallaby , Wallabia rufogrisea, Protemnodon rufogriseus, Brush wallaby, Eastern Brush wallaby, Brush kangaroo, Brusher, Red wallaby (mainland Australia), Wallaby de Bennett (French), Rotnackenwallaby (German), Bennettkanguruh (German), Wallaby di bennet (Italian), Ualabi de cuello rojo (Spanish).

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