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Pain Management in Ruminants

This section has been added on the request of users to provide an overall data-map of sections added for specific Wildpro volumes.

However, Wildpro has been designed to support decision-making, and important back-ground information is provided through its flowchart structure. We recommend that first-time users, or those unfamiliar with this species, or with its recommended care, return to the flowchart (Pain Management in Ruminants) and follow through the flowcharts and lists to find the information they need.

NOTE: Wildpro is a multi-volume encyclopaedia. Reference lists (Books, Journals etc.) and individual reference pages (e.g. J1 – Journal of Wildlife Diseases) list ALL the references which have been added to the Wildpro Encyclopaedia to date, NOT just the references for a single volume.


Pain Management in Painful Conditions:

Pain Prevention for Elective and Clinically Required Surgical Procedures:

Individual Local / Regional Anaesthetic and Physical Pain Relief Techniques:


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