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NOTE: Wildpro is a multi-volume Electronic Encyclopaedia. Reference lists (Books, Journals etc.) and individual reference pages (e.g. J1 Journal of Wildlife Diseases) list ALL the references which have been added to the Wildpro Encyclopaedia to date, NOT just the references for a single volume.

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Wildpro Reference Datasheet Title .pdf
S1 Baytril 2.5% Solution for Injection (Bayer plc.)
S2 Baytril 2.5% Oral Solution (Bayer plc.)
S3 Advantage (Bayer plc.)
S4 Cylap (Fort Dodge Animal Health)
S5 Aureomycin Topical Powder (Fort Dodge Animal Health)
S6 Lapizole (Genetrix)
S7 Xenex Ultra (Genetrix)
S8 Xeno 450 (Genetrix)
S9 Xeno 50-mini (Genetrix)
S10 Xeno 200 Spray (Genetrix)
S11 Lacto B (Genetrix)
S12 Lacto B9 (Genetrix)
S13 Mycozole (Genetrix)
S14 Nobivac Myxo (Intervet Schering-Plough)
S15 Panacur Rabbit (Intervet Schering-Plough)
S16 Receptal (Intervet Schering-Plough)
S17 Rearguard (Novartis Animal Health)