Synthetic Detergents:

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Classification Chemicals / Complex Chemical Agents / Type:

(This chemicals section is currently predominantly used in Wildpro to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships. It does not contain detailed information on the chemical itself.)

Alternative Names --
  • Usually sulphate or sulphonate salts, made from animal fats, vegetable oils or petroleum compounds.
  • Cationic.
  • Effective in hard water.
  • Popularly used as cleaning agents.
  • Minor disinfectant action against vegetative forms of bacteria.
  • Activity is lost in the presence of serum, blood, tissue debris.


Taxa Groups (hyperlinked if included as Wildpro Modules) containing host species which have been recorded as infected by this organism.
Associated Waterfowl Diseases Chilling / Hypothermia (Exposure) Waterfowl Disease Summary Hypothermia and hypoglycaemia, mainly seen in juveniles, also in adults in cold conditions which have lost the insulative properties of feathers and/or have low energy reserves.
Waterfowl in which the associated disease has been recorded.
Wet Feather (Shaft-lice Infection, Sooty Mould Exposure) Waterfowl Disease Summary Feather structure damage leading to loss of waterproofing.
Waterfowl in which the associated disease has been recorded.

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