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Brackish Aquatic Life Zone

BIOMES - Defined by Water Depth, Water Flow, temperature, Predominant Species

  • Mangrove Swamps
  • Estuarine
  • etc.

These pages are under construction and are being used to break down the data on Habitats and Species Inter-relationships needed for the Future Modules. They are in their very early stages at present, but need to be present for us to ascertain their relationship to other data types.

  • Further information held on each Biome to include Water Depth, Water Flow, Temperature.
  • Further subdivision to specify detailed habitat types by geographical location (e.g. West Coast North America as c.f. Central Europe)
  • Detailed Habitat types to specify free-living species interrelationships by "primary producers / predators - and to specify whether obligate etc.) ", environmental events necessary to maintain environment (e.g. storms), actual water composition (chemical constituents), water temperature, water depth and underlying substrate (seabed / shore line etc.)

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