"Running Water" North American Mosquito Habitats:

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Classification Environments / North American Mosquito Habitats:

(This environment section is currently predominantly used in Wildpro to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships. It does not contain detailed information on the habitat itself. )

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General Description

There may be overlap between habitat types, and sometimes is a gradation: consequently small numbers of species may occur that would be usually found in a different habitat.

  • Habitat - Typical habitats would be streams. (W254.Dec03.WNV7, J300.10.w1)
  • Fewer mosquito species tend to breed in this habitat in North America than in the other habitats.
  • Larvae require a large amount of energy to remain in the stream and tend to be flushed out as water increases volume.
  • Chagesia (a tropical species not found in North America), together with some Anopheles (Genus) species are stream breeders.
  • Species breeding in streams tend to anchor themselves in vegetation along the bank or seek isolated eddies, remaining away from the main flow of the stream

W254.Dec03.WNV7, J300.10.w1

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Authors Suzanne I. Boardman (V.w6)
Referee Debra Bourne (V.w5)

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