Hazing - Lasers

Summary Information
Type of technique Health & Management / Disease Investigation & Control / Environmental and Population Management / Techniques:
Synonyms and Keywords --
  • Hand held lasers can be used and have a range of up to one mile. (D211.AppIIIc.w12)
Appropriate Use (?)
  • Particularly for use at night (e.g. to disperse birds from roosts), also in other light conditions. (D211.AppIIIc.w12)
  • Effective deterrent for cormorants and Canada geese; reactions have also been shown for wading birds, gulls, crows and vultures. (D211.AppIIIc.w12)
  • Portable, lightweight, silent. (D211.AppIIIc.w12)
  • No fire hazard. (D211.AppIIIc.w12)
Complications/ Limitations / Risk
  • Effectiveness on many species is not yet known. (D211.AppIIIc.w12)
Equipment / Chemicals required and Suppliers
  • High power hand-held lasers. (D211.AppIIIc.w12)
Expertise level / Ease of Use
  • Easy to use.
Cost/ Availability
  • Relatively expensive.
Legal and Ethical Considerations --
Author Dr Debra Bourne MA VetMB PhD MRCVS (V.w5)
References D211.AppIIIc.w12

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