Accommodation construction

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(This physical factors section is currently used in Wildpro predominantly to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships. It does not contain detailed information on the physical factor itself.)

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  • Accommodation construction affects the inhabitants of the accommodation on a daily basis.
  • Substrate may be too rough, with resultant abrasion, or too smooth, providing insufficient traction.
  • Fence posts, netting, walls etc. are all solid objects which the inhabitants may contact, sometimes at high speed, with resultant blunt trauma from the impact. Any part of the accommodation which protrudes (e.g. a nail, piece of wire, sharp corner), may also cut or puncture the animal.
  • Accommodation which is too small in absolute terms prevents normal movement and exercise and may be a psychological stressor. Even a large space in absolute terms, if overstocked, may result in general overcrowding and related stress, exercise restriction and an increased probability of adverse inter- or intra-specific interactions.
  • A poorly designed/constructed enclosure may prevent an inhabitant from fulfilling basic behavioural needs such as nest building, perching or bathing.
  • Poorly constructed accommodation may also fail in its role of providing protection to the inhabitants from adverse environmental conditions, and from predators and pests.
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