Ice formation

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(This physical factors section is currently used in Wildpro predominantly to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships. It does not contain detailed information on the physical factor itself.)

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  • Rapidly forming ice, particularly overnight while birds are roosting on water, may trap birds. This is most likely to be seen with a sudden temperature drop.
  • Where there is a hole in ice but large surface areas are ice covered, ducks diving may become trapped underneath the ice and drown. This may be more of a hazard for young inexperienced ducks or those in areas where such icing over is uncommon.
  • Waterfowl forced to stand on ice for prolonged periods, particularly tropical species, may develop frostbite.
  • Formation of ice may make food inaccessible: ice may cover vegetation, freeze over waterbodies thereby removing aquatic foodstuffs from reach and mudflats and other ground, preventing foraging within such resources. N.B. this is likely to occur at the same time that increased food resources are required for body temperature maintenance due to low ambient temperature.
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