High winds

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(This physical factors section is currently used in Wildpro predominantly to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships. It does not contain detailed information on the physical factor itself.)

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  • High wind speeds may affect birds in flight, carrying them into collision with a variety of obstacles.
  • Sufficiently strong winds may prevent waterfowl from flying, keeping them from leaving an area, for example in search of food or water or to escape from a hazard.
  • High winds may also interact with other environmental conditions, for example Heavy surf (See Heavy waves / Rapid water flow)
  • Wind may carry waves of salt-laden water over waterfowl sitting on the surface and thereby increase salt encrustation (Salt Encrustation) of the birds.
  • Wind may carry waves of water over birds as the water is freezing, increasing the risk of ice entrapment (Salt Encrustation).
Directly Associated Waterfowl Diseases

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