Calorie/protein intake inadequate

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Classification Physical / Food availability & vegetation conditions / Type:

(This physical factors section is currently used in Wildpro predominantly to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships. It does not contain detailed information on the physical factor itself.)

Synonyms --
  • Insufficient intake of gross nutrients results in the use of energy stores: glycogen, fat and later protein.
  • In many species there are natural fluctuations in body mass, particularly fat stores, which allow the individual to survive a period of reduced nutrient intake, for example during migration, while incubating eggs or over a period in winter when less food is available.
  • If nutrient intake is not resumed, the end result is starvation.
  • Any factor which increases the rate at which energy is used, such as low ambient temperature, increases the rate at which energy stores are utilized and decreases the time until starvation.
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