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Foot and Mouth Disease 2001: Lessons to Be Learned Inquiry Report

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Front Cover Title Page Section 1 Section 2 & 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9 Section 10 Section 11 Section 12 Section 13 Section 14 Section 15 Section16 Section 17 Section 18 Back Cover

Reproduced under the terms of the Click-Use Licence.

Addition copyright material reproduced with kind permission from:

  • Institute for Animal Health (Maps on pages 43 and 44)
  • Mirrorpix (Picture on page 146)
  • National Audit Office (Various, particularly tables in Section 18)
  • Nature Publishing Group ( (Chart on page 94, from (Ferguson, N.M., Donnelly, C.A. & Anderson, R.M. (2001) Transmission intensity and impact of control policies on the foot and mouth epidemic in Great Britain. Nature 413, p542-548 (J9.413.w2)
  • The Veterinary Record, British Veterinary Association (Map on page 59, from Gibbens, J.C., Sharpe, C.E., Wilesmith, J.W., Mansley, L.M., Michalopoulou, E., Ryan, J.B.M. & Hudson, M. (2001) Descriptive epidemiology of the 2001 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in Great Britain: the first five months. Veterinary Record 149, 729-743 (J3.149.w8))

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