< > B115 - Cranes: Their Biology, Husbandry and Conservation

Author(s) / Editors D.H. Ellis, G.F. Gee & C.M. Mirande
Publisher Hancock House Publishers, Blaine, WA, USA
Year 1996
ISBN 0-88839-385-7

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B115.4.w1 Incubation and hatching Gabel, R.R. & Mahan, T.A. 59-76
B115.3.w2 Egg and Semen Production Mirande, C.M., Gee, G.F., Burke, A. & Whitlock, P. 45-58
B115.5.w3 Chick Rearing Wellington, M., Burke, A., Nicolich, J.M. & O'Malley, K. 77-104
B115.8.w4 Medicine and Surgery Olsen, G.H., Carpenter, J.W. & Langenberg, J.A. 137-174
B115.11E.w5 Special Techniques, Part E: Flight Restraint Ellis, D.H. & Dein, F.J. 241-244
B115.5.w6 Veterinary Techniques for Rearing Crane Chicks Olsen, G.H. & Langenberg, J.A. 95-104
B115.2.w7 General Husbandry Swengel, S. R. & Carpenter, J.W. 31-44
B115.12.w8 Facilities Swengel, S.R. & Besser, R.W. 253-262
B115.6.w9 Behaviour Management Swengel, S.R., Archibald, G.W., Ellis, D.H. & Smith, D.G. 105-122
B115.11A.w10 Special Techniques, Part A: Crane Artificial Insemination Gee, G.F. & Mirande, C.M. 205-217
B115.11B.w11 Special Techniques, Part B: Cryopreservation Hargrove, T.L. & Gee, G.F. 219-222
B115.11C.w12 Special Techniques, Part C: Sex Determination  Swengel, S.R. 223-229
B115.9.w13 Genetic Management Mirande, C.M., Gee, G.F., Swengel, S.R. & Sheppard, C. 175-183
B115.1.w10 Crane Biology Archibald, G.W. & Lewis, J.C. 1-29
B115.11F.w13 Special Techniques, Part F: Predator and Pest Management Lewis, T.E. 245-252
B115.10.w15 Records Ellis, D.H., Taylor, J.A., Mirande, C.M., Langenberg, J.A., Wellington, M., Powell, B.H. & McMillen, J.L. 185-204

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