< > B158 - Management and Diseases of Deer

Author(s) / Editors

Alexander, T.L.

Publisher Veterinary Deer Society, c/o British Veterinary Association, London, UK
Year 1986
ISBN 0 9510826 0 4

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B158.1.3.1.w1 Feeding Adam, C.L. 25-37
B158.1.3.3.w2 Orphan calves Fletcher, T.J. 39-40
B158.A1.w3 Reproduction Fletcher, T.J. 173-180
B158.A1.w8 Identification of free-living and farmed deer Alexander, T.L. 233-235
B158.2.1.6.w9 Dictyocaulus Munroe, R. 71-74
B158.2.4.3.w4 Reproductive disorders - Female Brown, M.E. 112-113

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