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Author(s) /Editors J. Nijboer, J.-M. Hatt, W. Kaumanns, A. Beijnen, U. Gansloßer (Eds.))
Publisher Filander Verlag, Fürth
Year 2000
ISBN 3-930831-29-5

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B184.w1 Nutrition Research in Zoo Animals Hatt, J.-M. 11-19
B184.w2 Dietary Husbandry of Commonly Exhibited Terrestrial Invertebrates Spevak, E.M, Dierenfeld, E.S. 21-31
B184.w3 Nutrition of Chelonians Zwart, P. 33-44
B184.w4 Examination of the digestibility of Ca, Mg and P in four captive born juvenile Galapagos giant tortoises (Geochelone [elephantopus] nigra) Liesegang, A, Hatt, J.-M, Forrer, R, Wanner, M, Isenbugel, E. 45-50
B184.w5 What are the nutritional requirements for making a good bird egg? Houston, D.C, Fidgett, A. 51-56
B184.w6 Digestion strategies in meat and fish eating birds Houston, D.C. 57-62
B184.w7 Diet selection, foraging ecology and social relationships in Macropodoidea (Kangaroos, Wallabies and rat-kangaroos) Gansloßer, U, Croft, D.B. 63-72
B184.w8 Intake and Diet Digestibility in Three Species of Captive Pteropodid Bats Dierenfeld, E.S, Seyjagat, J. 73-80
B184.w9 Nutrition of Old World Fruit Bats in Captivity: Diet Studies of Livingstone's Fruit Bats Pteropus livingstonii Courts, S.E, Feistner, A.T.C. 81-90
B184.w10 Primate nutrition: towards an integrated approach Kaumanns, W, Hampe, K, Schwitzer, Chr, Stahl, D. 91-106
B184.w11 Feeding Fussy Folivores: Nutrition of Gentle Lemurs Feistner, A.T.C, Mutschler, Th. 107-117
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B184.w15 A review of foraging niches in Rodents and their implications for captive management Jordan, M. 153-161
B184.w16 The structure of digestive systems in the feeding of mammals: a comparative approach Hofmann, R,R. 163-181
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B184.w18 Nutrient Intake of 1-4 Week Old Suckling Kittens (Felis catus): A Model for Artificial Rearing of young Felidae Wamberg, S, Hendriks, W, H. 189-196
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B184.w20 Nutritional management of ungulates in captivity - should we learn from natural seasonality of the vegetation? Lechner-Doll, M, Deutsch, A, Lang, D. 205-212
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B184.w24 Feeding guidelines proposal for okapis - a joint European and North American project Crissey, S, Dierenfeld, E.S, Kanselaar, J, Leus, K, Nijboer, J. 257-270
B184.w25 Supplementing the diet of captive giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) with linseed extraction chips Clauss, M, Flach, E.J, Ghebremeskel, K, Tack, C, Hatt, J.-M. 271-279
B184.w26 Copper and Manganese Status in Ruminants Arnhold, W, Anke, M, Edwards, M, Notzold, G. 281-289
B184.w27 Iron in the Liver of Animals in the Zoo: Pathologists point of view Dorrestein, G.M, de Sa, L, Ratiarison, S, Mete, A. 291-299
B184.w28 Regulation of food intake in monogastric and ruminant animals Lutz, T.A. 301-308
B184.w29 Vitamin C Nutrition in Zoo Animals Fenster, R, Isler, D, and Weber, G. 309-314

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