< > B187 - Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery

Author(s) / Editors E.V. Hillyer & K.E. Quesenberry
Publisher W.B. Saunders Co. Philadelphia, USA
Year 1997
ISBN 0-7216-4023-0

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B187.15.w15 Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Physiology Brooks, D. 169-175
B187.20.w20 Dermatological Diseases (Rabbits) Hillyer, E.V. 212-219
B187.26.w26 Basic Anatomy, Physiology, Husbandry, and Clinical Techniques (Small Rodents) L. Bauck & C. Bihun 291-306

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