< > B197 - Avian Medicine

Author(s) / Editors T.N. Tully, M.P.C. Lawton & G.M. Dorrenstein (Eds.)
Publisher Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford, UK
Year 2000
ISBN 0 7506 3598 3

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B197.1.w1 Basic anatomy, physiology and nutrition Macwhirter, P. 1-25
B197.2.w2 The physical examination Lawton, M.P.C. 26-42
B197.3.w3 Clinical tests Harris, D.J. 43-51
B197.4.w4 Imaging techniques Krautwald-Junghanns, M.-E. & Trinkaus, K. 52-73
B197.5.w5 Nursing the sick bird Dorrenstein, G. 74-111
B197.6.w6 Psittacine birds Harcourt-Brown, G.M. 142-143
B197.7.w7 Passerines and exotic softbills Dorrenstein, G.M. 144-179
B197.8.w8 Raptors Redig, P.T. & Ackermann, J. 180-214
B197.9.w9 Cranes Olsen, G.H. 215-227
B197.10.w10 Ratites Tully, T.N. 228-233
B197.11.w11 Waterfowl Routh, A. & Sanderson, S. 264-265
B197.12.w12 Galliformes Coles, B.H. 266-295
B197.13.w13 Ramphastids Worell, A.B. 296-311
B197.14.w14 Pigeons De Herdt, P. & Devriese, L. 312-338
B197.15.w15 Seabirds Robinson, I. 339-363
B197.16.w16 The management of a multi-species bird collection in a zoological park Abrey, A. 364-385
B197.17.w17 Quick reference for drug dosing Dorrenstein, G.M. 385-390

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