< > B201 - The Veterinary Formulary Fifth Edition

Author(s) / Editors Y. Bishop
Publisher Pharmaceutical Press, London, UK (In association with the British Veterinary Association)
Year 2001
ISBN 0 85369 451 6

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B201.1.w1 Drugs used in the treatment of Bacterial, Fungal, Viral and Protozoal infections Bennett, M., Elliot, J., Sommerville, L.M. & Taylor, M.A. 135-218
B201.2.w2 Drugs used in the treatment and control of Parasitic infections Jacobs, D.E., & Taylor, M.A. 219-305
B201.3.w3 Drugs acting on the Gastro-intestinal system  Grove-White, D.H., Noble, P-J. M., Taylor, D.J. & Walmsley, J.P. 307-329
B201.4.w4 Drugs used in the treatment of disorders of the Cardiovascular system Darke, P.G.G. 331-346
B201.5.w5 Drugs used in the treatment of disorders of the Respiratory system Corocan, B.M., Grove-White, D.H., Mair, T.S. & Taylor, D.J. 347-359
B201.6.w6 Drugs acting on the Nervous System  Brearley, J.C., Heath, S.E., Jones, R.S. & Skerritt, G.C. 361-414
B201.7.w7 Drugs used in the treatment of disorders of the Endocrine System Herrtage, M.E. 415-436
B201.8.w8 Drugs acting on the Reproductive System Noakes, D.E. 437-462
B201.9.w9 Drugs used in the treatment of the disorders of the Urinary System Nash, A.S. 463-468
B201.10.w10 Drugs used in the treatment of the Musculoskeletal System and Joints Lascalles, B.D.X. & Mair, T.S. 469-487
B201.11.w11 Drugs used in the treatment of Mastitis Edmondson, P.W. 489-498
B201.12.w12 Drugs acting on the Eye Turner, S. 499-508
B201.13.w13 Drugs used in the treatment of Malignant Disease and for Immunosuppression Dobson, J.M. 509-520
B201.14.w14 Drugs acting on the Skin Cockbill, S.M.E. & Mason, I.S. 521-573
B201.15.w15 Drugs acting on Feet Blowey, R.W. & Mair, T.S. 537-542
B201.16.w16 Drugs affecting Nutrition and Body Fluids Browne, S.J., Harris, P.A., Johnson, C.B. & Scott, P.R. 543-573
B201.17.w17 Production Enhancers Pugh, D.M. 575-578
B201.18.w18 Vaccines and Immunological Preparations Bennett, M., Flecknell, P.A., Lister, S.A. , Sommerville, L.M. & Wall, A.E. 579-620
B201.19.w19 Herbal Medicines Day, C.E.I. 621-623

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