< > B214 - Handbook of Zoo Medicine: Diseases and Treatment of Wild Animals in Zoos, Game Parks, Circuses and Private Collections

Author(s) / Editors H.G. Klös & E.M. Lang, Eds.
Publisher Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, USA
Year 1982
ISBN 0-442-21367-0

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B214.3.9.w1 Tapirs Reichel, K. 186-194
B214.2.4.3.w2 Control Measures for Foot-and-Mouth Disease Raethel, H.-S. 44-45
B214.3.7.w3 Elephants Salzert, W. 152-186
B214.3.11.w4 Pigs Kohm, A. 205-216
B214.3.13.w5 Camelidae (Camels, Llama) Unger, H. 223-233
B214.3.14.w6 Cervidae Jarofke, D. 233-246
B214.3.17.w7 Bovidae Jarofke, D. 256-268
B214.3.18.w8 Antelopes Brandt, H. -P. 268-283
B214.3.19.w9 Sheep and Goats Melchior, G. 283-289
B214.3.22.w10 Rodents Weisner, H. 300-305
B214.3.26.w11 Insectivora Ruempler, G. 312-316
B214.2.2.2.w12 Capture, Restraint, and Handling of Wild Animals in the Zoo Jarofke, D. 9-15
B214.2.2.3.w13 Injection Systems Fritsch, R. 15-23
B214.2.3.w14 General Veterinary Prophylaxis in the Zoo Göltenboth, R. 23-29
B214.2.3.4.w15 The Nutrition of Mammals and Birds in the Zoo Lang, E.M. 29-34
B214.3.4.w16 Bears Weilenmann, P. 123-130
B214.3.3.w17 Felidae, Viverridae, Mustelidae Gass, H. 96-123
B214.3.1.w18 Nonhuman primates (apes, monkeys, prosimians) Göltenboth, R. 46-85
B214.3.28.w19 Birds Göltenboth, R. 325-355

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