< > B217 - Diseases of Sheep Third Edition

Author(s) / Editors Martin, W.B. & Aitken, I.D., Eds.
Publisher Blackwell Science Limited, Oxford, UK.
Year 2000
ISBN 0-632-05139-6

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B217.2a.w2 Sheep welfare: standards and practices Winter, A.C. 10-14
B217.2b.w74 Sheep welfare: castration and tail docking Molony, V. 14-18
B217.2c.w75 Sheep welfare: transport of sheep Earl, J. 18-22
B217.7.w7 Genital abnormalities, obstetrical problems and birth injuries Hindson, J.C. & Winter, A.C. 54-58
B217.10.w10 Prolapse and hernia Hosie, B.D. 71-75
B217.11.w11 Mastitis and contagious agalactia Jones, J.E.T. & Watkins, G.H. 75-80
B217.13.w13 Toxoplasmosis and neosporosis Buxton, D. 86-94
B217.17.w17 Brucella melitensis infection Castrucci, G. 114-119
B217.21.w21 Mycobacterial infections Sharp, J.M. 143-148
B217.36.w36 Foot-rot and other foot conditions Egerton, J.R. 243-249
B217.37.w37 Arthritis Watkins, G.H. 249-254
B217.38.w38 Foot-and-mouth disease Donaldson, A.I. & Sellers, R.F. 254-258
B217.57.w57 Bluetongue Osburn, B.I. 391-397
B217.69.w69 Anaesthesia and common surgical procedures Scott, E.W. 473-479

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