< > B232 - Ferrets Health, Husbandry and Diseases

Author(s) /Editors Lloyd, M.
Publisher Blackwell Science Ltd., Oxford, UK
Year 1999
ISBN 0-632-05178-7

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
Section 1 Biology and Management
B232.1.w1 Anatomy   2-11
B232.2.w2 Biology And Behaviour   12-15
B232.3.w3 Management And Nutrition   16-21
B232.4.w4 Breeding   22-28
B232.5.w5 Routine Preventive Care   29-34
Section 2 Diseases: A Systematic Approach
B232.6.w6 Diseases With Respiratory Signs   37-44
B232.7.w7 Gastrointestinal Diseases   45-57
B232.8.w8 Musculoskeletal And Neurologic Diseases   58-66
B232.9.w9 Endocrine Diseases   67-77
B232.10.w10 Dermatologic Diseases   78-87
B232.11.w11 Reproductive, Periparturient And Neonatal Diseases   88-101
B232.12.w12 Cardiovascular Diseases   102-110
B232.13.w13 Urogenital Diseases   111-115
B232.14.w14 Nutritional Diseases   116-119
B232.15.w15 Neoplasia   120-137
Section 3 Approach To Clinical Examination And Diagnosis
B232.16.w16 Clinical Examination Of The Ferret   141-149
B232.17.w17 Sample Collection And Drug Administration   150-157
B232.18.w18 Sedation, Anaesthesia And Analgesia   158-163
B232.19.w19 Common Surgical Procedures   164-173
Section 4 Useful Information
B232.20.w20 Biological Data   177-184
B232.App1.w21 Appendix 1: Differential Diagnoses for Common Presenting Signs   185-189
B232.App2.w22 Appendix 2: Drug Doses for use in Ferrets   190-191

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