< > B254 - Hedgehogs

Author(s) /Editors Pat Morris
Publisher Whittet Books
Year 1987
ISBN 0-905483-28-6

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B254.1.w1 What's in a name? Pat Morris 12
B254.2.w2 Evolution Pat Morris 13-14
B254.3.w3 Hedgehog Species Pat Morris 15-16
B254.4.w4 The hedgehog in Britain Pat Morris 17-21
B254.5.w5 The hedgehog's body: from the outside Pat Morris 22-23
B254.6.w6 The spines and skin Pat Morris 24-26
B254.7.w7 The hedgehog's body: from the inside Pat Morris 27-28
B254.8.w8 The rolling-up mechanism Pat Morris 29-30
B254.9.w9 Fleas Pat Morris 31-34
B254.10.w10 Hedgehog senses Pat Morris 35-36
B254.11.w11 Are hedgehogs intelligent? Pat Morris 37-38
B254.12.w12 Strange behaviour Pat Morris 39-41
B254.13.w13 The hedgehog's menu Pat Morris 42-45
B254.14.w14 Breeding and raising a family Pat Morris 46-48
B254.15.w15 Family life Pat Morris 49-52
B254.16w16 Autumn orphans Pat Morris 53-54
B254.17.w17 Keeping hedgehogs and rearing babies Pat Morris 55-58
B254.18.w18 Hedgehogs out and about Pat Morris 59-65
B254.19.w19 Hedgehogs in the garden Pat Morris 66-69
B254.20.w20 Putting out food for garden hedgehogs Pat Morris 70-73
B254.21.w21 Is bread and milk a suitable food for hedgehogs? Pat Morris 74-76
B254.22.w22 Marking and recognizing hedgehogs Pat Morris 77-79
B254.23.w23 Slug pellets -are they a hazard to hedgehogs? Pat Morris 80-82
B254.24.w24 Lifespan and survival Pat Morris 83-84
B254.25.w25 Causes of death Pat Morris 85-87
B254.26.w26 Hedgehogs as disease carriers Pat Morris 88-89
B254.27.w27 Hibernation Pat Morris 90-95
B254.28.w28 Population size and density Pat Morris 96-98
B254.29.w29 Persecution by gamekeepers Pat Morris 99-101
B254.30.w30 Road deaths Pat Morris 102-106
B254.31.w31 Hedgehogs and the law Pat Morris 107-109
B254.32.w32 The uses of hedgehogs Pat Morris 110-112
B254.33.w33 Hedgehogs in folklore Pat Morris 113-117
B254.34.w34 Hedgehog research Pat Morris 118

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