< > B259 - The Complete Hedgehog

Author(s) /Editors Les Stocker
Publisher Chatto & Windus Ltd., London
Year 1987
ISBN 0-7011-3272-8

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B259.w1 Close Encounters Les Stocker 17-28
B259.w2 The Hedgehog Comes of Age Les Stocker 29-39
B259.w3 The Beast Itself Les Stocker 40-49
B259.w4 Spiky Creatures Around the World Les Stocker 50-62
B259.w5 Born Free Les Stocker 63-74
B259.w6 Everything in the Garden is... Les Stocker 75-88
B259.w7 The Nasties Les Stocker 89-98
B259.w8 "In Defence of Hedgehogs" Pam Ayres 99
B259.w9 Danger Les Stocker 100-109
B259.w10 Hedgehog Aid: the Action Les Stocker 110-129
B259.w11 Operation hedgehog Les Stocker 130-141
B259.w12 The Growing Race Les Stocker 142-164
B259.w13 Not the End! Les Stocker 165-171

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