< > B284 - BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties

Author(s) /Editors Mullineaux, E., Best, R., Cooper, J.E. (Editors)
Publisher British Small Animal Veterinary Association
Year 2003
ISBN 0-905214-63-3

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B284.2.w2 Basic principles of treating wildlife casualties Best, D. & Mulline48aux, E. 6-28
B284.5.w5 The law affecting British wildlife casualties Cooper, M.E. 42-
B284.6.w6 Hedgehogs Bexton, S. & Robinson, I. 49-65
B284.9.w9 Bats Routh, A. 95-108
B284.10.w10 Rabbits and hares Harcourt-Brown, F., & Whitwell, K. 109-122
B284.16.w16 Deer Green, P. 166-181
B284.18.w18 Seabirds: gulls, auks, gannets, petrels Keeble, E. 202-213
B284.22.w22 Birds of prey Forbes, N.A. 235-246

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