< > B300 - Deer of the World Their Evolution, Behaviour, and Ecology

Author(s) / Editors Geist, V.
Publisher Swan Hill Press, Airlife Publishing, Shrewsbury, UK.
Year 1999
ISBN 1 84037 094 7

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B300.1.w1 Strategies of Deer Evolution   1-18
B300.2.w2 Early Deer and the Primitive Descendants   19-37
B300.3.w3 Early Deer with Antlers and Tusks   38-54
B300.4.w4 Three-Pronged Old World Deer   55-80
B300.5.w5 Old World Deer Radiation   81-102
B300.6.w6 New World Deer   103-121
B300.7.w7 Megaloceros: The Ice-Age Giant and its Living Relatives   122-169
B300.8.w8 Red Deer   170-222
B300.9.w9 Moose   223-254
B300.10.w10 White-Tailed Deer and Mule Deer   255-301
B300.11.w11 Roe Deer   302-314
B300.12.w12 Reindeer and Caribou   315-336
B300.App.w13 Appendix   337-370

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