< > B334 - Rehabilitation of oiled African Penguins: a conservation success story

Author(s) / Editors Nel, D.C. & Whittington, P.A.
Publisher BirdLife South Africa and the Avian Demography Unit, Cape Town, South Africa
Year 2003
ISBN 0-620-30012-4

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B334.w1 The conservation status and impact of oiling on the African Penguin Nel, D.C., Crawford, R.J.M. & Parsons, Nola 1-7
B334.w2 Post-release survival of rehabilitated African Penguins Whittington, P.A. 8-17
B334.w3 Breeding productivity and annual cycle of rehabilitated African Penguins Wolfaardt, A.C. & Nel, D.C. 18-24
B334.w4 Estimating the demographic benefits of rehabilitating African Penguins Ryan, P.G. 25-29
B334.w5 Are African Penguins tough enough? A perspective on the rehabilitaion of oiled birds Underhill, L.G. 30-31

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