< > B335 - Emergency Care and Rehabilitation of Oiled Sea Otters: A Guide for Oil Spills Involving Fur-bearing Marine Mammals

Author(s) / Editors Williams, T.M. & Davis, R.W.
Publisher University of Alaska Press
Year 1995
ISBN 0-912006-78-1

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
  Care and Handling of Oiled Sea Otters
B335.1.w1 The effects of oil on sea otters: histopathology, toxicology, and clinical history Williams, T.M., O'Connor, D.J. & Nielsen, S.W. 3-22
B335.2.w2 Sea otter capture Benz, C.T. & Britton, R.L. 23-37
B335.3.w3 Physical and chemical restraint Williams, T.D. & Sawyer, D.C. 39-43
B335.4.w4 Initial clinical evaluation, emergency treatments, and assessment of oil exposure Williams, T.M., McBain, J.F., Tuomi, P.A. & Wilson, R.K. 45-57
B335.5.w5 Diagnosing and treating common clinical disorders of oiled sea otters Williams, T.M., Davis, R.W., McBain, J.F., Tuomi, P.A., Wilson, R.K., McCormick, C.R. & Donoghue, S. 59-94
B335.6.w6 Cleaning and restoring the fur Davis, R.W. & Hunter, L. 95-101
B335.7.w7 Husbandry and nutrition Tuomi, P.A., Donoghue, S. & Otten-Stanger, J.M. 103-119
B335.8.w8 Rehabilitation of pregnant sea otters and females with newborn pups Tuomi, P.A. & Williams, T.M. 121-132
B335.9.w9 Care of sea otter pups Williams, T.D., Styers, D., Hymer, J., Rainville, S. & McCormick, C.R. 133-140
B335.10.w10 Release strategies for rehabilitated sea otters Degange, A.R., Ballachey, B.E. & Bayha, K. 141-151
  Logistical Considerations for Large Oil Spills
B335.11.w11 Wildlife triage Williams, T.M. 155-158
B335.12.w12 Facilities for oiled sea otters Davis, R.W. & Davis, C.W. 159-175
B335.13.w13 Facility management and personnel Davis, R.W., Styers, J. & Otten-Stanger, J.M. 177-186
B335.14.w14 Occupational safety in the rehabilitation center Chen-Valet, P. & Camlin, T. 187-193
  Other Marine Mammals
B335.15.w15 The effects of oil contamination and rehabilitation on other fur-bearing marine mammals Gales, N.J. & St Aubin, D.J. 197-212
B335.App1.w16 Appendix 1 Average values for physiological, hematological, and morphological parameters for sea otters, polar bears, northern fur seals and harbor seals -- 213-214
B335.App2.w17 Appendix 2 Forms for documenting necropsy results, capture, treatments, observations, and release data for sea otters placed in rehabilitation facilities Loshbaugh, S. & Bayha, K. 215-234
B335.App3.w18 Appendix 3 Hematology and blood chemistry of oiled sea otters Thomas, T. 235-243
B335.App4.w19 Appendix 4 Detailed floor plans for a sea otter rehabilitation facility Davis, C. 245-254
B335.App5.w20 Appendix 5 U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration regional offices -- 255-256


Appendix 6 Equipment used for the capture, handling, and treatment of oiled sea otters -- 257-264

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