< > B338 - Hand-Rearing Wild and Domestic Mammals

Author(s) / Editors Gage, L.J. 
Publisher Iowa State Press, Ames, Iowa USA (A Blackwell Publishing Company)
Year 2002
ISBN 0-8138-2683-7

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
  Part I Domestic Mammals
B338.1.w1 Orphan Rabbits Taylor, K.H. 5-12
  Part II Wildlife, Zoo, and Marine Mammals
B338.10.w10 Macropods Booth, R. 63-74
B338.11.w11 Hedgehogs Robinson, I. 75-80
B338.18.w18 Great Apes Strasser, D. 125-131
B338.23.w23 Black Bear Cubs Papageorgiou, S., DeGhetto, D. & Convy, J. 170-180
B338.24.w24 Polar Bear Hedberg, G. 181-190
B338.26.w26 Ferret kits McKimmey, V. 203-206
B338.27.w27 Exotic felids Hedberg, G. 207-220

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