< > B369 - Potential Effects of Oil Spills on Seabirds and Selected other Oceanic Vertebrates Off the North Carolina Coast

Author(s) / Editors Lee, D.S. & Socci, M.C.
Publisher North Carolina Biological Survey & North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences
Year 1989
ISBN 0-917134-18-4 [Occasional Papers of the North Carolina Biological Survey 1989-1]

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B369.w1 Introduction   5
B369.w2 Format   6
B369.w3 Previous Research on Oil Spills in the Southeast   6
B369.w4 Effect of Oil on Marine Birds   6-8
B369.w5 Effect of Oil on Marine Mammals   8
B369.w6 Effect of Oil on Marine Turtles   8-9
B369.w7 Significance of Oil-spill Mortality   9
B369.w8 Zonation   9-10
B369.w9 Phenology   10
B369.w10 Endangered and Vulnerable Species   10-11
B369.w11 Problems with Interpretation   11
B369.w12 Conclusions   11-12
B369.w13 Species Accounts   13-28
B369.w14 Tables 1-4   31-32
B369.w15 Figures 1-38   33-62
B369.w16 Appendix I. Species of Seabirds Occurring in North Carolina Waters   63
B369.w17 Appendix II. Species of Cetaceans and Marine Turtles Occurring in North Carolina Waters   64

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