< > B377 - Marine Mammals and the Exxon Valdez

Author(s) / Editors Loughlin, T.R. (ed.)
Publisher Academic Press, Inc. San Diego, USA.
Year 1994
ISBN 0-12-456160-8

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B377.12.w12 Observations of Oiling of Harbor Seals in Prince William Sound Lowry, L. F., Frost, K. J. & Pitcher, K. W. 209-225
B377.13.w13 Health Evaluation, Rehabilitation, And Release of Oiled Harbor Seal Pups Williams, T.M., Antonelis, G.A. & Balke, J. 227-241
B377.15.w15 Ceteaceans in Oil Harvey, J.T. & Dahlheim, M.E. 257-264
B377.16.w16 Pathology of Sea Otters Lipscomb, T.P., Harris, R.K., Rebar, A.H., Ballachey, B.E. Haebler, R.J. 265-279
B377.17.w17 Gross Necropsy and Histopathological Lesions Found in Harbor Seals Spraker, T.R., L.F. Lowry & K.J. Forst 281-311

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