< > B384 - Elephants

Author(s) / Editors Spinage, C.
Publisher T & AD Poyser Ltd., London, UK
Year 1994
ISBN 0-85661-088-7

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B384.1.w1 Mysteries of the Past: The Origins of Elephants   1-23
B384.2.w2 The Elephants: Taxonomy and Distribution    24-40
B384.3.w3 Nature's Great Masterpiece: Anatomy of the Elephant   41-59
B384.4.w4 From Aristotle to Benedict: Physiology and Functions   60-78
B384.5.w5 Mating and Growing Up: Reproduction and Growth   79-98
B384.6.w6 Of Size, Sindbad and Cemeteries: Growth and Longevity   99-111
B384.7.w7 Despicable Worms and Mighty Elephants: Diseases and Parasites   111-127
B384.8.w8 Mariarchs and Musth: Social Behaviour of Elephants   128-152
B384.9.w9 Polyperchon's Predicament: Food and Feeding   153-168
B384.10.w10 The Great Debate: Elephants and Trees   169-181
B384.11.w11 The Elephant Casebook: Examples of Overpopulation   182-196
B384.12.w12 Did Elephants Once Rule Africa? Population Dynamics and Problems   197-214
B384.13.w13 Ivory, the Teeth of Commerce: The Structure and Growth of Tusks   215-236
B384.14.w14 The Massacre of the Giants: The Ivory Trade   237-263
B384.15.w15 Anachronism or Wasted Asset? The Domestication of Elephants   264-286

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