< > B385 - The Elephant in East Central Africa A Monograph

Author(s) / Editors Osman Hill, W.C., Barker, W., Stockley, C.H., Pitman, C.R.S., Offermann, P.B., Rushby, G.G. & Gowers, W.
Publisher Rowland Ward Ltd., London, UK & Nairobi, Kenya
Year 1953

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B385.1.w1 The Evolution of the African Elephant Osman Hill, W.C. 11-14
B385.2.w2 The Anatomy of the African Elephant Osman Hill, W.C. 15-60
B385.3.w3 The Reproduction of the African Elephant Osman Hill, W.C. 61-67
B385.4.w4 The Elephant in the Sudan Barker, W. 68-79
B385.5.w5 The Elephant in Kenya Stockley, C.H. 80-98
B385.6.w6 The Elephant in Uganda Pitman, C.R.S. 99-113
B385.7.w7 The Elephant in the Belgian Congo Offermann, P.B. 114-125
B385.8.w8 The Elephant in Tanganyika Rushby, G.G. 126-142
B385.9.w9 The African Elephant in History Gowers, W. 143-150

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