< > B386 - The Asian Elephant: Ecology and Management

Author(s) / Editors Sukumar, R.
Publisher Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK
Year 1989
ISBN 0 521 36080 3

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B386.1.w1 The historical background   1-9
B386.2.w2 Status and distribution of the Asian elephant   10-38
B386.3.w3 The main study area and study methods   39-59
B386.4.w4 Movement and habitat utilization   60-68
B386.5.w5 Feeding and nutrition   69-85
B386.6.w6 Impact on the vegetation and carrying capacity   86-107
B386.7.w7 Crop raiding by elephants   108-134
B386.8.w8 Manslaughter by elephants   135-142
B386.9.w9 Habitat manipulation by people   143-164
B386.10.w10 Elephant slaughter by people   165-173
B386.11.w11 Population dynamics   174-201
B386.12.w12 Conservation and mnaagement   202-218

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