< > B399 - The Carnivores

Author(s) / Editors Ewer, R.F.
Publisher Cornell University Press, Itheca, New York, USA
Year 1998 (this edition with a new foreword; originally 1973)
ISBN 0-8014-8493-6

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B399.1.w1 Introduction   1-6
B399.2.w2 The skeleton   7-71
B399.3.w3 Anatomy of the soft parts   72-119
B399.4.w4 The special senses   120-138
B399.5.w5 Food and food finding   139-229
B399.6.w6 Signals and social organisation   230-252
B399.7.w7 Social organisation and living space   253-292
B399.8.w8 Reproduction   293-357
B399.9.w9 Fossil relatives   358-383
B399.10.w10 Classification and distribution of the living species   384-411

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