< > B407 - Management Guidelines for Bears and Raccoons

Author(s) / Editors Partridge, J.
Publisher The Association of British Wild Animal Keepers
Year 1992
ISBN 0 9505116 8 4

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B407.w1 Bears, Pandas and Raccooons: An Introduction   5-13
B407.w2 Systematics and Taxonomy of Bears   17-19
B407.w3 Alphabetical Check List of Bear Species   20-40
B407.w4 Managing Polar Bears in Captivity Ames, A. 41-50
B407.w5 Keeping and Breeding Polar Bears at Edinburgh Zoo Hanning, J. 51-57
B407.w6 European Brown Bears at the Highland Wildlife Park Batters, G. 58-65
B407.w6a Editorial Footnote   66
B407.w7 The Asiatic Black Bear Law, G., Boyle, H., MacDonald, A. & Reid, A. 67-86
B407.w8 The Maintenance and Breeding of Spectacled Bears at Jersey Zoo Moseley, D.J. & Carroll, J.B. 87-92
B407.w8a Editorial Footnote   92-93
B407.w9 Malayan Sun Bears at Cologne Zoo Pagel, T. & Kuhme, W. 94-98
B407.w10 Sloth Bears: An Editorial Overview   99-101
B407.w11 European Co-ordination of Bears Brouwer, K. 102-106
B407.w12 Systematics and Taxonomy of Pandas and Raccoons Kitchener, A. 109-111
B407.w13 Alphabetical Checklist of Panda and Raccoon Species   112-130
B407.w14 Giant Pandas: An Editorial Overview   131-132
B407.w15 An Outline of Husbandry and Management Techniques for the Red Panda Glatston, A.R. 133-142
B407.w16 The Ring-Tailed Coati Standley, S. 143-148
B407.w17 Husbandry Notes on the Maintenance of Cacomistles and Ringtails -- 149-152
B407.w18 Veterinary Considerations Greenwood, A.G. 153-169

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