< > B429 - Wild Mammals in Captivity Principles and Techniques

Author(s) / Editors Kleiman, D.G., Allen, M.E., Thompson, K.V. & Lumpkin, S. (eds.); Harris, H. (managing editor)
Publisher The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Year 1996
ISBN 0-226-44002-8 (cloth) 0-226-44003-6 (paper)

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B429.2.w2 Preventative Medicine Hinshaw, K.C., Amand, W.B. & Tinkelman, C.L. 16-24
B429.3.w3 Methods of Capture, Handling, and Anesthesia Bush, M. 25-40
B429.4.w4 Neonatal Care Protocols Read, B.W. & Meier, J.E. 41-55
B429.5.w5 Identification and Marking Techniques Rice, C.G. & Kalk, P. 56-66
B429.8.w8 Animal Learning and Husbandry Training Mellen, J.D. & Ellis, S. 88-99
B429.10.w10 Nutrition and Dietary Evaluation in Zoos Oftedal, O.T. & Allen, M.E. 109-116
B429.11.w11 Essential Nutrients in Mammalian Diets Allen, M.E. & Oftedal, O.T.  117-128
B429.20.w20 Mixed-Species Exhibits  with Mammals Thomas, W.D. & Maruska, E.J. 204-211
B429.28.w28 Issues of Surplus Animals Graham, S. 290-296
B429.29.w29 Reintroduction Programs Kleiman, D.G. 297-305
B429.31.w31 Effects of Captivity on the Behavior of Wild Animals Carlstead, K. 317-333
B429.32.w32 Communication and Social Behavior Koontz, F.W. & Roush, R.S. 334-343
B429.38.w38 Determining and manipulating female reproductive parameters Hodges, J.K. 418-428
B429.39.w39 Male Reproduction: Assessment, Management, and Control of Fertility Wildt, D.E. 429-450
B429.42.w42 Parental Care in Captive Mammals Baker, A.J., Baker, A.M. & Thompson, K.V. 497-512

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