< > B432 - Rehabilitation and Release of Bears: For the Welfare of Conservation or the Conservation of Welfare?

Author(s) / Editors Kolter, L. & van Dijk, J.
Publisher Zoologische Garten Koln, Koln, Germany
Year 2005
ISBN 3-00-017089-8

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B432.w1 Considerations for the Rehabilitation and Release of Bears into the Wild van Dijk, J.J. 7-16
B432.w2 Placement Options for Confiscated Bears Soorae, P.S. 17-27
B432.w3 Why not to Re-introduce "Rehabilitated" Brown Bears to the Wild? Huber, D. 28-34
B432.w4 Conservation Threats Facing Sun Bears, Helarctos malayanus, in Indonesia and Experiences with Sun Bear Re-introductions in East Kalimantan, Indonesia Fredriksson 35-42
B432.w5 Captive Spectacled Bears, Conservation, and Community Development in Peru Peyton, B. & Plenge, H. 43-51
B432.w6 Re-introduction of Orphan Brown Bear Cubs Pazhetnov, V.S, & Pazhetnov, S.V. 53-61
B432.w7 Captive Management of Orphaned Black Bears (Ursus americanus) Intended for Release at the Cochrane Ecological Institute in Canada: A Case Report Smeeton, C. & Waters, S.S. 62-69
B432.w8 Potential Contributions of Zoos to Bear Conservation Kolter, L. 70-82
B432.w9 Support for in-situ Projects – Examples of a Zoo’s Potential Role Walzer, C., Slotta-Bachmayr, L., Rauer, G. & Kaczensky, P. 83-88
B432.w10 I. Minutes of the workshop on “The Evaluation of Bear Rehabilitation Projects from a Conservationist’s Point of View: Creating a Linkage between Different Fields of Interests” held on 26th and 27th of November 2000 at Ouwehand Zoo, Rhenen, The Netherlands   91-102
B432.w11 II. Summary of methods and results of bear rehabilitation projects presented during the workshop   103
B432.w12 III. Minutes of the Workshop at the 14th IBA conference (Norway, 2002): Limitations for releasing rehabilitated bears   104-107
B432.w13 IV. Suggestions for Bear Rehabilitation and Releases   108-112

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