< > B442 - Bears. Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan

Author(s) / Editors Servheen, C., Herrero, S. & Peyton, B. (eds.)
Publisher IUCN/SSC Bear Specialist Group, IUCN, Gland, Switzerland & Cambridge, UK.
Year 1999
ISBN 2-8317-0462-6

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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B442.1.w1 Introduction Herrero, S. 1-7
B442.2.w2 An Overview of Bear Conservation Planning and Implementation   8-24
B442.3.w3 Genetics of the Bears of the World   25-32
B442.4.w4 The Trade in Bears and Bear Parts   33-38
B442.5.w5 Brown Bear Conservation Action Plan for North America (Ursus arctos)   39-40
B442.5.w5a Alaska Miller, S.D. & Schoen, J. 40-46
B442.5.w5b Canada McLellan, B. & Banci, V. 46-50
B442.5.w5c United States Servheen, C. 50-54
B442.6.w6 Brown Bear Conservation Action Plan for Europe (Ursus arctos)   55-56
B442.7.w7 Brown Bear Conservation Action Plan for Asia (Ursus arctos)   123
B442.7.w7a China Jizhen, C. 123-125
B442.7.w7b India Sathyakumar, S. 125-128
B442.7.w7c Japan Mano, T. & Moll, J. 128-131
B442.7.w7d Mongolia McCarthy, T. 131-136
B442.7.w7e Russia Chestin, I. 136-143
B442.8.w8 American Black Bear Conservation Action Plan (Ursus americanus) Pelton, M.R., Coley, A.B., Eason, T.H., Doan Martinez, D.L., Pederson, J.A., van Manen, F.T. & Weaver, K.M. 144-156
B442.9.w9 Spectacled Bear Conservation Action Plan Peyton, B. 157-198
B442.10.w10 Asiatic Black Bear Conservation Action Plan (Ursus thibetanus) Introduction   199-200
B442.10.w10a China Yiqing, M. & Xiaomin, L. 200-202
B442.10.w10b India Sathyakumar, S. 202-207
B442.10.w10c Japan Hazumi, T. 207-211
B442.10.w10d Russia Chestin, I & Yudin, V. 211-213
B442.10.w10e Taiwan Wang, Y. 213-215
B442.10.w10f Vietnam: black bear and sun bear Sam, D.D. 216-218
B442.11.w11 Sun Bear Conservation Action Plan Servhen, C. 219-224
B442.12.w12 Sloth Bear Conservation Action Plan Garshelis, D.L., Joshi, A.R., Smith, J.L.D. & Rice, C.G. 225-240
B442.13.w13 Giant Panda Conservation Action Plan (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) Reid, D.G. & Gong, J. 241-254
B442. Global Status and Management of the Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group 255-270

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