< > B454 - The Elephant's Foot

Author(s) / Editors Csuti, B., Sargent, E. L. & Bechert, U. S.
Publisher Iowa State University Press, Ames, Iowa
Year 2001
ISBN 0-81382820-1

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B454.1.w1 An Overview of Foot Conditions in Asian and African Elephants  Fowler, M.E. 3-7
B454.2.w2 Anatomy of the Elephant Foot Ramsay, E.C. & Henry, R.W. 9-12
B454.3.w3 The Role of Nutrition and its Possible Impact on Elephant Foot Care Sadler, W.C. 13-15
B454.4.w4 Record Keeping as an Aid to Foot Care in the Asian Elephant Rutkowski, C., Hopper, R. & Marion, F. 17
B454.5.w5 Foot Care for Captive Elephants Roocroft, A. & Oosterhuis, J. 21-52
B454.6.w6 Captive Elephant Foot Care: Natural Habitat Husbandry Techniques Buckley, C. 53-55
B454.7.w7 Foot Care at the Indianapolis Zoo: A Comprehensive Approach Sampson, J. 57-62
B454.8.w8 Elephant Foot Care under the Voluntary-Contact System: Problems and Solutions Kalk, P. & Wilgenkamp, C. 63-64
B454.9.w9 A History of Elephant Foot Care at the Milwaukee County Zoo Sorensen, D. 65-68
B454.10.w10 Elephant Husbandry and Foot Care at the Schonbrunner Tiergarten, Vienna Schwammer, H.M. 69-71
B454.11.w11 Preventive Foot Care for an Asian Elephant at Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden Hughes, J.A. & Southard, M. 73-77
B454.12.w12 Historical Lessons for the Treatment of Foot Diseases in Captive Asian Elephants Lahiri-Choudhury, D.K. 81-83
B454.13.w13 Split Nails, Abscesses, and Cuticular Fluid Pockets Rutkowsli, C., Marion, F. & Hopper, R. 85-86
B454.14.w14 Ouch, Do That Again! Treatment of Chronic Nail Infections in an Asian Bull Elephant Using Protected Contact Gibson, K. & Flanagan, J.P. 87-88
B454.15.w15 Procedure for Nail Reconstruction and Treatment for an Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) Seidon, A. 89-91
B454.16.w16 Occurrence and Treatment of Nail/ Foot Abscesses, Nail Cracks, and Sole Abscesses in Captive Elephants West, G. 93-97
B454.17.w17 Siri's Dilemma: Management of a Chronic Foot Problem Stahl, S. & Doyle, C. 99-102
B454.18.w18 Making a Protective Boot for an Asian Elephant Woodle, K., Kepes, T. & Doyle, C. 103-105
B454.19.w19 Treatment of an Abscessed Foot Pad of an African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) Using a Sandal and Topically Applied Chitosan Houser, D., Simmons, L.G. & Armstrong, D.L. 107-113
B454.20.w20 The Use of Sonography in the Follow-Up Care of a Foot Abscess in a Female Asian Elephant O'Sullivan, T.J. & Junge, R.E. 115-116
B454.21.w21 Treatment of Osteomyelitis in Elephant Feet Gage, L.J. 117-118
B454.22.w22 The Medical and Surgical Management of Foot Abscesses in Captive Asiatic Elephants: Case Studies Boardman, W.S.J., Jakob-Hoff, R., Huntress, S., Lynch, M., Reiss, A. & Monaghan, C. 121-126
B454.23.w23 Preoperative Conditioning and Postoperative Treatments of a Protected-Contact Bull Elephant Kam, R. 127-131
B454.24.w24 Surgical Management of a Chronic Infection Involving the Phalange of an Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) Cooper, R.M., Honeyman, V.L. & French, D.A. 133-134
B454.25.w25 Surgical Management of Phalangeal Osteomyelitis in a Female Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) Finnegan, M. & Monti, M. 135-137
B454.26.w26 Determining Dosages for Antibiotic and Anti-Inflammatory Agents Mortenson, J. 141-144
B454.27.w27 Elephant Foot Care: Concluding Remarks Fowler, M.E. 147-149

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