< > B455 - Biology, Medicine and Surgery of Elephants

Author(s) / Editors Fowler, M.E. & Mikota, S.K. (eds.)
Publisher Blackwell Publishing, Ames, Iowa, USA
Year 2006
ISBN 0813806763

[Editor's Note: This book has been referenced ahead of publication, with kind permission from the editors and publishers. Chapter numbers and pagination were not finalised at the time the chapters below were referenced, therefore have not been indicated within this reference]

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B455.w1 Preventive Health Care and Physical Examination Mikota, S. K. --
B455.w2 Toxicology  Fowler, M.E. --
B455.w3 Ultrasonography to Assess and Enhance Health and Reproduction in Elephants Hildebrandt, T.B. --
B455.w4 Integument System Mikota, S. K. --
B455.w5 Infectious Diseases Fowler, M.E. --
B455.w6 Infectious Diseases: Tuberculosis Mikota, S. K. --
B455.w7 Parasitology Fowler, M.E. --
B455.w8 Hemolymphatic System Mikota, S. K. --

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