< > B468 - NWRA Principles of Wildlife Rehabilitation Second Edition

Author(s) / Editors Moore, A.T. & Joosten, S. (eds.)
Publisher National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, St Cloud, Minnesota, USA>
Year 2002
ISBN 1-9311439-11-7

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B468.6.w6g Behavioral Enrichment for Mammals Heyn, S 6.35-6.40
B468.8.w8d Milk Replacers and How to Use Them Evans, R.H. 8.13-8.26
B468.8.w8e Commercial Milk Replacers: The Fast Food of Choice Moore, A. & Joosten, S. 8.27-8.32
B468.8.w8f Mammal Nutrition: Substitute Milk Formulas - General Information Marcum, D. 8.33-8.40
B468.8.w8g Mammal Nutrition: Substitute Milk Formulas - Feeding Positions and Implements Marcum, D. 8.41-8.48
B468.8.w8m Mammal Nutrition: Diets Part II - Post-Weaning Diets - Dietary Staples Marcum, D. 8.59-8.61
B468.8.w8p Mammal Nutrition: Diets Part IV - Species-specific Diets for Selected North American Wild Mammals Marcum, D. 8.65-8.7
B468.10.w10b Analyzing Habitat for Release of Rehabilitated Animals Martell, M.S. 10.3-10.8
B468.10.w10c Release Criteria for Rehabilitated Wild Animals Diehl, S. & Stokhaug, C. 10.9-10.28

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